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I have lived in "conversation view" in Outlook as long as it has been around - can't imagine managing high volume e-mail any other way. However, the really indispensible tool was an unsupported utility called Thread Compressor, which eliminated interstitial messages which had been replied to in the conversation. Did a great job of managing forks, attachments, changes in recipients, etc., and I'm glad to see MSFT has FINALLY added a version of it in Lookout 2010 (Clean Up in Conversations).

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Where can I sign an anti-petition?

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"Refrigerator-sized" is a bit of an overstatement for the Hyperion unit: more like a shipping container. Still, it is very innovative use of nuke power.

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I've always hated apples and oranges comparisons, especially when someone tries to make an "apples and apple-equivalent oranges" rationalization.

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This is a good thing. A proliferation of standards is usually followed by the adoption of a single acceptable one - if some party is willing to drive and own it... Would be beneficial to find a neutral "clearinghouse" to host the docs, a la SourceForge.

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Hey Brad - You should put Driptech in touch with Denver's own International Development Enterprises ( They've been delivering similar systems in regions dominated by subsistance farming since 1995. Their product lines have expanded significantly beyond just drip irrigation, and they are always sourcing new advances in technology. IDE operates as a highly sustainable NGO by selling the products but investing time in the local markets to educate and develop farming skills. Several of their programs are supported by large grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Happy to make introductions.

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I see "dinner" and "climate" have roughly the same frequency. This is encouraging.

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Don't think we can declare victory quite yet.

First, the $1/day metric is an arbitrary ceiling for "extreme poverty". As other WB studies show, the *distribution* of poverty is more disturbing: (NB: different PPP baseline and techniques).

Secondly, in an environment where most of the world's poor were rural farmers, $1/day was a threshold for transition away from simple subsistence. Currently, many more of the world's poor have migrated to urban environments, and the same threshold may actually represent a deeper level of poverty than suffered by those rural farmers.

See for a view from someone who has spent 30+ years in the field, facilitating change.

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Good stuff. I think a key point that you both touch on is the role of each previous generation of successes: they become repeat founders, advisors and -- most importantly -- investors. It's a numbers game, though, and takes time to build the ecosystem. In a demographically dispersed region like CO, the acceleration provided by incubation programs like TechStars is huge.

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I'm in. I've been on both sides of this issue: lawsuits from trolls, and filing a defensive patent or two. In the end I've concluded the current system is broken, though I still have a concern that we give inventors enough protection from pretators.