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I'm going to repeat my same question to RJR and to all of you --- "WHat are you going to do after President Trump leaves the stage? Hope for another King to single-handily hold off the barbarians that are inside the gates?" The barbarians that I am talking about here are the Dirty Dems, Republican RINOs, the Deep State, Main Stream Media, weak State Officials, CEOs, and Big Tech. That is quite an army.

President Trump bought us four years to repent from our foolish, immoral ways and take back the country that we inherited. And what have we done with that time? Nothing. We just sat back congratulating ourselves and left our RINOs in place, and they responded by keeping their heads down and their hands out while they undermined President Trump and sold you and your children's future down the drain.

So, what now? We are either at the end of the 2nd quarter of the Trump Game, or the 4th quarter, as we come up on the November 2020 election. President Trump may buy us another few years with the same non-supporting Congress, or it will be time for Annie Get Your Gun. I'm not a big fan of his, and I have no use for the Republican Party, but they are the only thing that we have FOR NOW to fight back the barbarians. Since they are all that we have, we have no choice but to vote straight ticket Republican in November. This is no time to stay home, or submit a protest vote.
The reason that we do not have a real choice in our elections is because about two-thirds of you have told them that you don't think that we need a 3rd Party. I have never understood why you constantly give Congress an approval rating of about 11% while consistently awarding them with more power to control every aspect of your life. The picture that emerges in my mind when I think of the absurdity of that disconnect is of the Jews during the Holocaust running with their hands up into the freshly-dug ditches to be gunned down by the Nazi soldiers standing on the banks.
You always get the government that you deserve. We did this to ourselves, and there may or may not be time to turn it around. My personal opinion is that we are looking at a generational 25-year conflict between the Boomers who caused it and the Millennials who have to pay for it. Hopefully, I am wrong.
It is too late in this political season to change horses, but my challenge to you is that no matter the outcome in November, our job is to warn our RINOs that we are going to get off our butts and try to find (if they are out there) constitutional candidates to run against them IN THE 2022 PRIMARIES. We did this before with the Tea Party, but those successful candidates for the most part went over to the Dark Side. This time, we must vet them and make sure that they are committed to the constitution, or no cigar.
The goal here is to get Trump some help if there is a second term. He is too narcissistic to ask for it himself, but we need to put in place Congressmen who will hold his feet, and the feet of the Deep State, to the fire.
If there is no second term, then it is even more paramount that our RINOs are told IMMEDIATELY that if they continue to lean toward the Dark Side, we will remove them from office in the next election.

Let's get started. Like Noah, start searching for constitutional candidates and like-minded groups to take over the Republican Party. We don't have time to try to get a new party on all 50 ballots. Good Hunting!

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Reality Seeker, I agree with all of your points and timetable, and recognize that the voting out of RINOs is a long-shot, but I believe that it is the only solution available to the voters.
As you point out, our voters are our problem, and their desire for a Benevolent King to right all of the wrongs of society while they go back to their ballgames, is the very heart of our dilemma. Only constitutional Congressmen can rein in our run amok Executive and Judicial Branches. I don't believe that our Founding Fathers thought that a generation of voters would allow their representatives to just decide to not do their job, but that is what we have. And Term Limits doesn't do a thing if you just replace one scoundrel with another.
If we American Patriots do start to support only constitutional candidates, then the rallies themselves will get pretty violent, and hopefully awaken our dropped-out voters that the Dirty Dems actually want their life, and that they might as well get into the political struggle instead of hiding under their desk.

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Ok, so RJR has told us before his war strategy is to first eliminate our own RINOs, and then wipe out the DEMS. Sounds solid to me.
He tells us today that the way you do that is to 1) send up a constitutional gladiator in the Republican Primary to knock off the RINO, win the general election,and then have that newly elected congressman support Trump and whatever constitutionalist bureaucrats are left in their fight to overthrow the Deep State partisans.
Three Questions:
*Where do you find these constitutional candidates?
* How do you organize them and financially support them?
*If our cause is so self-evident, why is it that the middle class and wealthy patriots haven't found these good candidates and backed them? After all, they have the most to lose if the Envy Crowd ever takes over.

During the 2016 election, I thought that Trump's question to the Blacks "What do you have to lose?", should have been directed to all of us, to which the answer was and still is "Your life as you know it".

I also felt that his slogan was misdirected, and should have been "Make AMERICANS Great Again". The Dirty Dems like to say that America is a conceptual Ideal open to all, but the United States of America was one nation of hundreds of millions of people with a common culture that was dedicated to freedom. Now, we are one nation made up of differing cultures that have more allegiance to their own than to the country that grants them citizenship. Author Mark Steyn stated that "Diversity is where great nations go to die". I think that is what we are seeing playing out before our very eyes.
The question is now "Can we American Patriots, that have the historical facts on our side, find the moral courage to adopt RJR's strategy to win this battle of survival of our way of life, or do we wait to take up arms to defends ourselves, or the worst, turn over our arms and become enslaved?
My answer is that we need to bring back the Tea Party slogan of "We want our country back", but this time make sure that 1) our candidates are COMMITTED to the idea of Freedom of the Individual, and 2) that we support those candidates by explaining to our friends the dangers of the slippery slopes of enslavement that we are being led down to. We are going to have to fight to get the Constitution back.