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Just a quick question will this work with the dev gm build of 3.0? Has anyone tried it does it work?


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Well I'm not saying get rid of the site entirely, clearly there will need to be a signup page and maybe some links to popular twitter clients and apps. But twitter has outgrown its website I'm sure the numbers will show the majority of users are accessing twitter from other clients and txt messages rather than the main site. It could help to take a load off their bandwidth and secondly it might be a path to monetization with twitter clients paying a licensing fee for scaling. So unlimited API calls costs so much to developers who pass on that cost to their users and have 500,000 api calls cost less, and 100,000 cost less than that and maybe have 20,000 be the free scheme. I paid what 9.99 for Tweetie and 19.99 for Eventbox. How much did Twitter make off of that? Nothing. Its clear that people are willing to pay for Twitter clients.

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It's gotta be server resources. Perhaps Twitter would be better served without a web front and just run as a backend service that other programs tapped into ie other Twitter clients rather than spending the money on the bandwidth for a webpage why not just run it as a service.

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Looked for an answer couldnt find it in the comments. If I boot into Vista on Bootcamp on a new Macbook will I be able to QuickPwn my iPhone3g? Or will I still encounter the DFU problem?

Thanks for any help in advance,

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