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It is that liberal mind set, have your fun when you are young and be a parent when your old. And let someone else raise your kids. You don't think that Sandra really does all the work raising her kid? Or does she hire someone else to help. She is loaded with cash. I don't live in hollyweirdland like some do.

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A big problem with the country today is single motherhood. And Sandra's example (Jodie Foster too) of this problem will lead more young girls to think it is OK to be a single mom. The problem with single moms is a vast majority are very poor and the kids grow up with many social problems. Liberals and their vision of what is good. Men bad, government good.

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We are al blessed for people like this. Thank you

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Diaz and Clooney only want abortion on demand so they can ............ and Bullock, like Angelia Jolie, want to be able to collect kids and show them off so to prove their liberal status. What a bunch of flakes. And Jesse James? Sandra's choice of him as a husban just shows how dumb she is. She might be able to act, but trying be a person is an act for her.

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So very sad for all those involved. So sad.

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And now that gas prices are on the rise during the Obama Administration and now what do you hear from the main street press and liberals? Crickets? What a bunch of lying, power hungry, hypicritical a$$#*les.

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I have been corrected. thank you

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I think Jon wants a anal pat down with his buddy Anthony Weiner watching and taking pictures. They are friends.

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I have a plan to cut the price of oil in half. Stop all restrictions for domestic drilling and the price will drop. Just to simple for these lying morons.

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madcow, madcow, madcow. get it right.