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He's done. No one in the GOP would ever re-elect somebody who badgers someone who has a legitimate question. Or, say, someone who threatens to throw a reporter "off this fuckin' balcony" for asking legitimate questions.

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Bill must have forgotten the famous quote from his father Irving, the man who pulled strings and hit up his friends to get son Billy into Harvard (undergrad AND grad school), an internship in the Nixon White House, a job at the RNC, and teaching gigs at Penn and Harvard, but opposed Affirmative Action because it "subverts meritocracy." A total lack of self-awareness is genetic, apparently.

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"How many Jews do you have?"

Outside Sheldon Adelson and Eric Cantor (RIP)? None.

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So, in other words, we had to invade the country to destroy these degraded weapons that could only be used as roadside bombs, which only became useable because we invaded the country and had troops on Iraqi roads to bomb? Joseph Heller is rolling in his fucking grave.

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“[W]hat are you gonna do?” Cheney asked. “Just say ‘please, please, pretty please, tell us what you know’? That’s not gonna work.”

You could try shooting them in the face until they apologize to you, right Dick? You fucking war criminal.

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"What a cunt," he commented.

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So does this ruling make Bristol's baby legitimate now? I'm confused.

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I wonder if one of the things "he knows he knows" is the forced-abortion policies of China, where he buys all his worthless plastic shit from.

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Don't worry, Utah. It's still not technically gay if you GO FUCK YOURSELF.

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Yes, Republicans would NEVER allow a woman charged with security, on whose watch a MASSIVE breach of security occurred, to resign like this. They would promote her to Secretary of State. Right, Condi?