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40,000 premature deaths is inaccurate reporting. Please listen to Tony Frew, respiratory physician explain how this figure came about.

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The countries come from Obama's Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act 2015 it is not Trump's list
So it would seem unlikely

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Surely the main reason must be is that there are fewer ethnic minorities to apply for the job than whites.. The 2011 census has the UK population at

White: 87.1%
Gypsy/Traveller/ Irish Traveller: 0.1%
Asian or Asian British: Indian2.3%
Asian or Asian British: Pakistani1.9%
Asian or Asian British: Bangladeshi 0.7%
Asian or Asian British: Chinese0.7%
Asian or Asian British: Other Asian1.4%
Asian or Asian British: Total6.9%
Black or Black British: Total3.0%
Mixed or Multiple: Total2.0%
Other Ethnic Group: Total 0.9%
The 0.7% British Chinese not voting for 3% Black British would make no difference would it?

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I believe they have just voted to go for 'hard' brexit in the Welsh assembly saying no to staying in the single market, alongside Labour, Conservatives and UKIP obviously.

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She has changed her Twitter profile to just MP when I checked this morning

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At my boys school they could choose between football or rugby, bog standard state school so I would think it is probably the case with many.

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At my children's school having a mental health condition is becoming something to show off about. The girls are rolling up their sleeves to show off their self harm scars, it is now something to be proud of, while those with genuine issues are keeping quiet and going unnoticed. The on trend pupils are monopolising all the time of the pastoral managers as they are the most vocal and pushy. It is the same with bullying, those who are genuinely affected aren't getting a look in, though this is more down to over protective parents.It is a selfish attention seeking group that are abusing the system, at the cost of others. Our school is in an affluent area where very few are in receipt of benefits and vast majority come from stable homes.

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Where would you advertise you book Daily Mail 1.6million copies a day or the Guardian 164k a day, a no brainer surely

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Cameron strongly supports Turkey's membership, here is his speech saying so

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Can all Brexiteers please consider supporting Martin Durkin's Brexit the Movie and spread the word. Currently 81% funded with 8 days to go. Thank you