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HAD THE SAME EIGTH GRADE BLUE EYESHADOW INTERVENTION. Was not successful. Friend insisted she had applied exactly as CosmoGIRL had recommended, and we couldn't argue with that.

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I had been the biggest whiner about Arya's story the past two seasons, but after she SERVED WALDER THE FREY PIES, all sins of Braavos are forgiven

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I wish we'd gotten just one more scene of Jon and Sansa together, so we had a little more to go on to analyze their motives and relationship. She says she *felt* ignored, so I think that counts for something.

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I love the phrasing of the question! I always feel like the "should we or shouldn't we" awkward moment is the hard part, not the hug or lack thereof. That's such a great way to alleviate that tension.

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I guess for me, especially with online dates, something about them has made them attractive enough for me to put on makeup and abandon Netflix for the evening. I'm excited to meet them, and take their hug-initiation as proof positive that they're pumped about me (AS THEY SHOULD BE).

I'd rather avoid a hug after a bad date, when both parties (should) know this will not be pursued any further. Don't touch me, just let me run away as fast as is socially acceptable!

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It's a whole thing. They call him "Stannis the Mannis" and insist that in the novels, there's zero chance he's responsible for the Shireen-B-Q (because the symbol of masculinity and duty could never possibly do anything wrong)

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Somewhere on the other end of the spectrum from the CA hug-delayers, there are people who are perfectly happy to have one-night stands!

Life is a rich tapestry?

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She didn't, that we saw, and I think it is ENTIRELY FAIR for her to have trust issues at this point. Additionally, why should she (someone who has been ignored at war council) advise Jon to behave based on resources that a) she has reservations about using b) may never even come!

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If I see ONE MORE idiot pontificate on how flawless Book Stannis is (and how similar they, fanboy internet commenter/neckbeard, are to a fatally hardass general with No Time For Your Shit) I'm out.

Just kidding, I love the conspiracy theories too much to ever quit that misogynistic nightmare.