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Where's the NAACP on this. It seems that they are all over any trial involving a black person. I find it very interesting that they are not screaming their heads off about the injustice of a system trying to railroad a black person for helping a fellow black.

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Close the theatre, that is more money they can dump into the athletic department.

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The Chechens better be careful, Russia will have no qualms about blowing their area off of the map.They don't give a crap about world opinion.

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The only difference between these fanatics and other fanatics, are the preceding words, ie. Christian, Jewish, Islamic and whatever. Those who see only their way of life as acceptable, with no other way as acceptable are fanatics. It always amazes me that people that profess that their religion is a religion of peace and are willing to kill you to proove it are the true believers.

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FYI, it was the 1960's, during the racial unrest.

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When I was growing up in D.C., the most we had was maybe a knife fight, most things were settled with fists.

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Glad that he was rescued, now bill the hell out of him. Hey dummy, the boundaries are up there for a reason.

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Olympia, let me help you out with a few suggestions.
1. $1.00 on hamburgers, $1.50 on cheeseburgers at fasr food joints,
2. $2.50 on coffee, more, depending on the size of the cup sold at coffee stands.
3. $1.50 on tacos, burritos,etc sold at fast food joints.
4. $100.00 on all articles of clothing taht costs more than $125.00
5. $15,000.00 on all vehicles that cost more than $30,000.00
6. $5.00 on all dvds, $10.00 on all games
It doesn't matter if it costs jobs.
I am sure there countless ways for you to screw us out of our money. Heaven forbid that you should think of ways to be more efficient with the existing money. Oh hell no, tax us for every penny that you can screw out of us.
One final suggestion, tax yourselves $100.00 for every bonehead decision that you come up with, if that doesn't balance the budget, nothing will.

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Wow, this POS has been evading law enforcement on this island long enough, who do they have looking for him Sherrif Bufford T. Justice and Deputy Barney Fife?

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Well, if you are going to tax discretionary purchases, here are some ideas.
1. $1.00 on a cup of coffee, the larger the cup the more the tax.
2. $1.50 on hamburgers and $2.00 for cheeseburgers at fastfood joints.
3, $3.00 on tacos and burritos at fast food joints, I don't like tacos or burritos.
4. $2.00 on all oriental food at fast food joints.
5. $100.00 plus on any article of clothing that costs more than $125.00.

The above items should help balance the budget, who in the hell cares if it may cost jobs, you will get your pound of flesh. I am sure there are more items that can be taxed. After all we wouldn't want to put our state reps in a position where they would have to figure how use existing money more effectively.