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Take a look at the poll above... I am a firm supporter of depends on circumstance. There are a lot of people I know, a few very well, that have a lot to say and that have some really great stories and lessons to tell. One person I talk to everyday never went to college and can't write well, type for squat, spell, and has no idea what correct grammar is. BUT his life experiences and points are very compelling and interesting. When I read something I first look at the point of the thought or document and I may notice the spelling and grammar, but it never makes me drop a book or article.

As you might have noticed, I am not trying to make my comments perfect on this or any other site. I can say what I have to say, maybe spell check and send it off. I just don't feel that I need to re-write and recheck the comment 5 times to make it perfect if I make my point!

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I'm really into history and traditions. If you take baseball for example. This is an American game. It all started here. I understand that it is also a major money maker in more ways then one. but If I had to pick one aspect of this money machine that needed to change it would be ticket prices for games.

In all sports actually.

Have you looked at the Yankee ticket prices? I know it's about supply and demand and that people are willing to pay these prices, but can we at least have 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% or SOME % where its about first come first serve and the game and not about price? Many fans are not able to afford tickets at these prices... Maybe there could be a few sections treated like low income housing.Say... a few hundred "affordable" tickets on a first come first serve basis and you are limited to say 2 or 4?

Bottom line I know there are cheap ticket nights, but they are usually on an off game where it's harder to sell tickets. All I'm saying is that it needs to be more about the game than making the money... I can honestly say the money will still be there for the taking!

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As a California resident since 2000 I have seen countless wastes of money and stupid decisions made.

What they need to do is get realistic and take an overhead look at what happens day-to-day in many areas and realize that you don't need to spend money on say, a guy watching another guy move dirt. Do I think that they need to layoff the dirt watcher? NO, but they could move him into a position that is useful and get projects done quicker and under budget. If California sets the standard in many areas let's set the standard in not allowing politics and roadblocks get in the way of progress!!!

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I'm really into classic rock these days... Zeppelin mostly. I'm just not overly excited about any of the bands around today so I felt I needed to get back to the roots of Rock!

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We have a great post on our site about grammar and writing. If you like this video come check out our article!

If you’re going to write, write right!

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Check this out... We just found this:

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What needs to be seriously looked at is assistance for small business in the form of cash flow. Should it be given to all businesses.... NO... But those of us sticking it out for 2009 could use some security. Especially those of us with a foundation and over 2 years in business.

While others are going out of business we are trying to hang on and be the ones that help the economy bounce back! Without us..... there is no recovery!!!!

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I personally have read the history of GM and the initial brands were Buick and Olds and they soon cut a deal for Cadillac. This was all between 1905 and 1915 if I remember correctly. GM steadily gained market share from then on and Cadillac retained "The Standard of The World" well into the 1960's and even to some extent the 70's. When times really started changing GM stood hard and fast on their plans and did not feel they needed to adapt.

You most likely know how it went from there.... :( It wasn't until the last 5 years that GM finally started showing signs of improvement, and of course, the economy collapsed. (I understand these changes started earlier due to product cycle, but the public didn't see the changes until the cars were produced)

So here we are.... GM MUST re-structure and try to stay afloat and all the employee's are the ones that will be most screwed along with investors and part suppliers. I can go on and on how this will effect the national and global economies, even after a hopeful turnaround, but I'll let you imagine the possibilities!

If the government wants to save GM, and the economy more major blows, they should offer REAL buyouts for workers that have put in their lives into their GM job, guarantee pensions, and after cleaning house the way they should have years ago, they can see what they have left and THEN make decisions.

Everything is in limbo and more loans will not really help unless they have a set plan with realistic numbers!

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Well... I agree on certain restrictions for minors and if any content hurts other people, but some people just don't use good judgement or common sense! It's just like everything else out there... Drugs, crime, prostitution... They all exist, but it's your choice to find them and engage. People that look under erotic services or any other category that has other connotations chose to do this and most, if not all, know what they are looking for.

If you remove from one site, these services will appear on another, and if you remove from all sites they will appear in another form somewhere else or still on the web, but disguised a different way. If someone wants somthing bad enough they will find a way to get it!

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Me too! I would be be in line.

Some people just have no interest. There are many that won't fly in a plane. Can you imagine them on a spaceship?