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Miz should know better than to assume the baby's gender.

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You don't think that Paige is also a cokehead? She does coke and she takes pills. She has two strikes against her for wellness policy mishaps.

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I'm happy for Jinder. The guy has a look (veiny) and is sort of a standout physically. I don't really know what he offers as a heel. That's not a knock, I just don't really have a feel of his current character. He has been sort of generic as of late and was the boring anti-American guy in the past. I have no idea what they're going for now. He sort of moved away from the anti-American stuff (though now he's being put with two guys he has nothing in common with except for race, I guess), which is great--if they can keep themselves from going down that oft-traveled road (they probably won't).

I suppose my main issue is that they had him lose an easy match to Finn like a week before he was number one contender. Did they decide that nearly concussing the only face getting a legitimate pop on Raw made him worthy of a promotion? I'm not just blaming Jinder for that spot, it's just as likely a guy like Finn with the New Japan mentality told him to lay into the elbow. Finn is tough as nails and though his head bounced off the canvas, he finished the match (it's amazing to see what Finn is willing to overcome in contrast to guys like the original Sin Cara who taps out when he breaks a nail).

It's just that the whole thing went from 0 to 100 in no time at all. No gradual rise. No learning lessons. No overcoming a string of losses... He just went from talent enhancement to world title contender in the space of one week. It's just difficult to cheer bad storytelling (or at the very least lazy storytelling), even if you want to cheer the wrestler.

The other part of me is resentful that in a world where Wade Barrett was never champion, one member of 3MB might be.

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Do they? Do they REALLY love it? Because it seems to me that if they LOVED it, they wouldn't be chanting "thank you Sheamus" when Sheamus boots Enzo in the head.

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On ANY wrestling roster? That's a tough one. I'm gay, so I don't really have an opinion about the women--but the guys?

WWE Roster? I'd go with Cesaro, followed closely by Karl Anderson. However, NXT has better looking men. Tye Dillinger would probably win out--but Dash, Dawson, Nick Miller, Shane Thorne, Bobby, Roode, Roderick Strong, and Austin Aries are all top notch.

So, overall? Tye Dillinger.

If you go outside WWE, Nick Aldis is the best looking guy. Donovan Dijak is pretty damn hot.

Best looking wrestler of all time, bar-none: Wade Barrett.

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It's predictable and perhaps that's why they won't do it--but it absolutely needs to happen post-haste. Their reign is incredibly boring and stale. I'd say have them retain at the PPV and then lose it the next night on RAW or something. I've had enough of them.

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I find their matches interesting if only because I'm interested to see if Charlotte is going to legitimately kill Sasha Banks. They're both talented, but Charlotte has screwed up so many dangerous spots it's genuinely exciting to see if someone is going to get her neck broken.

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Thee fact is that they actually are writing for Ellsworth. They weren't interesting in writing for Barrett or Rhodes--to the point both became story-less jobbers to random up-and-coming guys and celebrities.

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Wade was the MOST OVER HEEL in the company during the Nexus angle. The BNB character got cheers because he was hilarious and wicked fun to watch.

And since when do people CHEER the Miz? You're comparing two unike things.

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Cody is bigger than Daniel Bryan, physically. And MUCH bigger than Rey Mysterio. Both were main eventers.

Cesaro is better on the mic than 95% of the roster. Jack Swagger was world champ--and you're telling me Cesaro doesn't have 'it.' Who are they pushing right now? Reigns? Owens? Rollins? Cesaro is better in the ring than all of them and better than all except Owens on the mic.

Barrett has been healthy for two years. He had two fluke injuries and came back in even better physical shape both times. Daniel Bryan was pushed to the moon despite having multiple injuries--so that's a bad excuse for not focusing on a guy. You do remember that they took the IC title off of Barrett and put it on Bryan--only to have Bryan never defend it because he wasn't healthy enough to, right?

The fact is, all four of those guys have HUGE POTENTIAL. And they're focusing on Ellsworth and have driven Barrett and Rhodes out of the company.