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So he is implying that the business owner does not ask the person to leave but to call the police to have them ask them to leave. Way to use resources. Sending officers to low priority calls so they are not able to respond to high priority calls.

Maybe the stickers/signs should look like this:

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Nice PR report. You just failed to mention that his company logo is the Nazi eagle and he will have German Nazi memorabilia displayed. Baron Von Stark is well know all over for his "I'm too important to follow the rules" attitude, poor ethics, and flat out thefts from customers who hired him to do a job. His lawsuit record is extremely long too. ( His employees are thieves as well and he can't insure some of his drivers because of their records. Stark is basically a low life that scams everyone he comes across and plays himself up as a big shot. He stole firearms from his own parents but the media makes him look like an angel. You know the place will have problems because he can't run a business without writing bad checks and floating loans. How he ever scammed loans for these properties is unbelievable. Maybe he can start paying off his debts to people he stole/scammed from, now that the media is giving him free advertising.

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If you Can't see this coming in daylight, you should Not be driving. The car was coming from an elevated angle so the hole was quite clear from a distance. Even the pipe to the side is exposed. It had to be dark when it happened+wet road or raining+headlights on low to be an accident and unavoidable. If it was light out, it is just a dumb driver. The SUV looks to be heading the other way so it's unknown how the road is on that side to see the cause.

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If she was competent enough to use a computer and to deal with money, she is competent enough to stand trial.

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I have eaten at Bonanza for decades. I've eaten at Ryans for decades. Both have there ups and downs. I have spent much more time at Bonanza in the last few years. I feel bad for all the good people working there that just lost there jobs. It was the attitudes of the servers, cooks, and management that keep me coming back. I will truly miss everyone there. I wish them all the best.

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This is so horrible. If I was in a coma and didn't know my kids died or had to be buried, I would come unglued when I woke up. I would want to be awake and there to bury my kids regardless of my pain. They can pump me full of drugs so I can make the trip. It would be my last trip with them. I can only imagine how hard it will be for a mother to learn of this later. Reading this story brought tears to my eyes.

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This is unacceptable self attention at it's highest. Just because she didn't like "How" she was told that there are areas to breast feed at, she sets out to make headlines. She needs to grow up. If your within your legal right to do something (no breasts exposed), do it! She wasn't told she had to leave because of what she was doing.

If someone had a canceled carry permit with a firearm and someone told them there are better places to go, do you think it would be proper to stage a sit in and have people show up there in support for canceled carry with there weapons? Absolutely not. Both would be legal but not acceptable as adult actions.

I believe she is acting immature and needs to grow up a bit.

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Speed limits in parking lots are 10 MPH unless posted otherwise. I'm not sure how they are inforced seeing as how it's private property. Thats probably why most people go as fast as they want. I always go less then 10 mph in the rows just incase a kid or someone pops out from around a truck and darts into the row.

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No, I didn't. Years ago I contested a speeding ticket because the 2nd cop thought I was the speeder. (same type and color car the 1st cop clocked a mile up the road) I lost because I couldn't prove my innocents and I had to pay court costs on top of a fraudulent ticket. I wasn't going to go through that bs again with this ticket so I had no choice but to pay it. There are dirty cops in cedar rapids. I seem to find all the bad ones.

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"You have to do something in a careless manner, and this was not careless,” Hamblin said Thursday.

Thats BS !! I got a reckless driving ticket in the winter because my trucks rear kicked out while taking a corner. I was driving below the speed limit but the snow made me loose traction for a moment. No one was harmed and no intent was made by me to spin out. How can people like me get tickets when NO harm was done but this lady hits (and now killed) someone? Is it Only because of the private property issue?

If so, what can be done to include private property in our current laws?? There should be some kind of amendment to include large businesses on private property that create driving/parking areas.