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I don't understand.

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And yet, people lined up to agree with you. I'm not sure if that was white knighting or part of a larger issue within the fandom in which personally attacking an author is acceptable if the story doesn't go the way you'd like. It's one of many abundant double standards, along with the fact that readers can take liberties in the way they address authors ("not trying to offend, but...") and if the author responds in kind ("not trying to offend"), she is intentionally being rude. Contrary to the assertions of several readers, I don't typically mitigate. I do, however, tend to respond to questions using the same tone in which they were asked.

Starla's response was posted for roughly four hours before you sent your PM blasting me—four hours on a holiday weekend. I wasn't ignoring anyone; I simply wasn't online. Am I not entitled to have a life outside of my hobby?

If you take a close look at this site, you'll notice there are no ads. Webhosting, software, domain names—these all cost money. I'm not going to deny that I've gained quite a bit from this community, but I also like to think that I've given a lot back.

For the record, had your PM criticized my writing, my reaction would have been quite different. You criticized me as a person, something I simply won't stand for from anyone who doesn't actually know me.

I appreciate your apology, and whereas I may have over-reacted when I temporarily took down the other site, I don't think I was wrong to react. When you visit my private website, it's almost like you're a guest in my home. I felt like I'd hauled out the good china and polished the silver, only to be told there was a wrinkle a in one of the napkins. But it's okay, because I'm just words on a screen. No one knows me, so it's easy to forget I have feelings and responsibilities outside of my writing.

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There will be more details here than in AA5. He's a thinker, so you know his mind is going to be a mess.

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I imagine that would be the worst part. I wouldn't want to do it, I think.

Thank you for reading.

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Yes, she finds out when Alice mentions that she read it in the obituary. I like Esme, too. I'm currently working on a FGB oneshot from her POV that takes place in 1986. It's fun to be in her head.

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Yeah, I'll be staying off the forums for the foreseeable future, too. I'm not going to speculate on the intentions of others as doing so would be somewhat hypocritical of me considering the erroneous assumption that my brief comments were formed with malice on my part was what brought us here. If not for my outstanding commitments (of which there are many) I'd take a break, too. Instead, I'm going to continue writing and pretty much ignore everything else.

I hope you have a lovely Easter tomorrow, if you celebrate it.

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Thank you.

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Hearing that my personality took the fun out of reading my writing broke my heart, too.

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This is a FGB piece. As soon as the winning bidder reads it, it will go public.

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The Stamp Act Trees are explained here-

And you can read Art After 5 here-

it requires separate registration and some of the formatting is shit, but it's there.