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There were no cats breakdancing to Vinyl's music.

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You're mad at Hasbro for protecting their property instead of being upset at the copyright laws that haven't been changed in decades.

Hasbro is doing what they must to protect their property. Sure, I don't like it, but I understand why it must be done. If they become too easy on their copyright they could actually lose it. Even with something minor like fan made work. Someone could make a My Little Pony rip off. Then when Hasbro takes them to court, they can point to the numerous times Hasbro didn't enforce their copyright. Which could lose them the court case and the rights to MLP.

Also, because of the C&D, Jan is now going to make animations with his own characters. He's going to create his own content and bring something original. Without relying on the back bone of someone else's content. Isn't that promoting the progression of useful arts? Forcing artists to be original and bring something new to the public.

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Unstoppable force meet immovable object. You do nothing by trying to match extremes except make yourself out to be just as bad as the people you're talking to.

Your opinion is still an extreme negative. You can show worry and doubt without resorting to an over reaction. This isn't going to ruin the show. This, again, is much less important than Twilicorn. They're only gaining powers that will replace the elements of harmony. Powers that they will more than likely need to transform into. Again, I don't know so I cant say whether it's going to be good or not. I just think that this is something that doesn't need such a reaction.

Especially since the "metaphoric glitter" has been present in the show since season 1.

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Because you're freaking out over something that hasn't happened yet. Most of your comments have been how much this is going to ruin the show. The doom and gloom that it seems most bronies have now a days. I understand worrying. However, worrying involves some sense that you're willing to give it a chance before making a final judgement. These powers are actually on a far less scale than Twilicorn. These new powers are suppose to replace the elements. So more than likely we'll see them twice a season when something major happens. They're not really going to change the show in any major way. If Twilicorn didn't drastically change things, then this definitely isn't.

There are people who need to curb their enthusiasm a bit. However, there are people who need to calm down. There are extremes to both sides. You're falling more on the latter extreme. Take a breath, calm down, and wait. I'm not a fan of the designs myself, but I haven't seen the episode(s). I haven't seen the story. I haven't seen anything outside of pictures. I'm remaining neutral through this whole thing. If it's good, then awesome. If not, then complain.

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Everyone calling for the end of the fandom. Having irrational fears over something that hasn't happened yet. Acting like a raving idiot without any form of coherency in their arguments. I smell a SaberSpark parody coming.

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And some people stay in the middle. Remaining neutral until the episode airs.

You can make a stand all you want, they're not going to stop this from happening. It's been animated and voiced. It's going to happen. I say wait until the episode actually airs before flying off the handle. Then when it's all done, you can try to get your voice heard before they get too far into production.

More than likely this will be temporary. In a sense that they transform into this. Also, this is just the new replacements for the elements of harmony.

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There's blind acceptance. There's also blind hatred.

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Except rainbow power was going to happen regardless of Equestria Girls existence. More than likely they came to the writers with the idea of rainbow power during Equestria Girls production. Since writing, voicing, and animating 26 episodes take a long time to do.

Speaking of writers, the story line falls on them. Hasbro doesn't write. They go to the writers with the ideas and let them do what needs to be done. They have tried to avoid the "glitter" as much as possible. Sometimes it comes through, but for the most part they've done a great job with what they've been given. They've taken girly concepts like all things fashion, cutie marks, friendship, and love and done a good job with all of them.

Am I a fan of the design? No I'm not. I don't think it looks that great. However, I'm not going to freak out over this. Princess Twilight Sparkle kind of shows that's just pointless. I wait and actually watch to see whether I like it or not. If it starts to negatively affect the show then I'll eat my words. However, it could just be like Princess Twilight. Where nothings really changed.

Also, If I'm willing to accept magical gems that take the forms of necklaces and a crown, and uses the bonds of friendship as a power source to shoot a bright rainbow beam at their enemies. Then I should be a little bit willing to give a little glitter a chance. Glitter that will more than likely not be permanent, and give the main 6 God knows what kind of new powers.

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No one wanted the status quo to change. Everyone was freaking out that things will change for the worse. When, again, Twilight stayed the same and the movie didn't do anything to the show.

Also, the movie not tying into the show isn't a negative. How it connects to the show has nothing to do with the overall quality. If you didn't like it for story, character, or what not then that's fine. However, docking a point from the movie for being "pointless" isn't a proper criticism. A good chunk of anime movies based on their TV shows have nothing to do with the show. However, there are a lot of good ones. I stand by my thoughts that Pokemon the movie 3 is the best movie in the Pokemon franchise. It has nothing to do with the show and is never brought up again. Still doesn't change the movies quality.