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Republicans like to refer to themselves as the party of Lincoln: Now there's someone who would clearly have approved of Kansas' response. I'm surprised gun dealers don't use his image to sell product the way car dealers do. Go figure.

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I love this image of Newt. He looks so impish and cuddly. For some reason I always find myself imagining what the bear would do to him if it were full grown and ravenously hungry. --Is that wrong of me?

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Somehow I don't think he means that (encouraging everybody to write a book about him), but then, it's Bob Dylan so you never know.

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Wow. This is most appalling piece of propaganda I've seen since the Soviet era. I never realized Reagan was a communist!

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We can only hope that Boehner will save America by destroying the economy and making way for a new, bean-counter regime that will never ever allow us to go into debt again unless it's in accordance with conservative principles, in which case it'll be okay.

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Too bad these people are completely incoherent. It would be interesting to learn exactly what they're on about: Insurance? Tungsten? Baseball? I'd give worlds to know.

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So we need to accord you, a political gadfly, the same respect we would the President? Climb down off that ego for a moment and get a clue.

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Way to go Ron Paul, you really knocked it outta the er... swing-set area.

And kudos to John Stossel for the stellar production-value. Great Obama impersonation and even better audience impersonation.

Still, I'd have to give it to the fake Obama.

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I didn't watch my buddies die face-down in their own puke at the finest universities in the land to be told I can't run for president. Now vote for me, you motherfuckers!

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Thanks for trying out, Mr. Trump. We'll let you know....