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*sigh*...*underneath breath* God damn-it, pinkie...those rhymes where fresh.

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Derpy and the Doctor!

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this better be a 4-5 part saga. I don't want another fairy games repeat. (hay, what can i say? Disney did a really good job on the Tinkerbell movie series, but their Fairy games special was lacking in...variety)

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...I would say this was sweet before Bieber turned into a huge pot headed dick...but him saying it now...feels like he is just trying to get people to think he is a good guy...nope, still think Bieber is a Dick...but it was thoughtful of him.

anyways, I'm praying for Michel too. a sweet kid like him deserves a long life. I just know that as he heals, God has him protected in His arms. and Celestia and Luna are there too, gently telling him stories of great adventures. I just wanna hug him, tell him how much he means to all of us and just let him know that he is loved. not just as a fellow Brony but as a Brother in Christ.

P.S. I don't want to offend anyone here who isn't a Christian, but please no 'smart remarks' about how you think God is not real or anything. (I ask this because its happened on here once before, I almost got into an argument with some one for just mentioning something about Christianity)

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that picture...wat! o_o...

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why is this not a thing yet?

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Claire and Jan, sittin' in a tree. A-N-I -MAT-I-N-G. ...I couldn't come up with anything really punny and clever.

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David Tennant! Matt Smith!

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My body is ready.

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Slender-man: "...So I herd you liek Mudkipz.