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I read about the horrific orbital smashing of this poor officer in the Daily Mail a Brit tabloid. The actually had an article based on Tweets by the "cops friend" who scientifically and doctorishly 'splained about the "orbital fracture" the poor shooter had sustained... The day before another citizen posted a video of he cop milling about and pacing around over the bleeding youth in the street. I referenced this video and that the "horribly disfigured mutilated cop/shooter" never once reached up to his eye, while talking to a fellow cop he never pointed to or asked the other cop to look into this gaping wound..

On their behalf the Mail posted the next day that the policeman did NOT (their emphasis) have an orbital bone fracture.. And.referenced the Jim Hoft story teller as "referenced as the stupidest man on the internet". Kudos Wonketeers the stupidest man on the internet reference has gone international.

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"poutrage" Stealing®

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Not to forget Liera is married to a war contractor, just like the multi named 12' wall clambering super bullheroshitter... So he has been hearing these kinds of macho bullshit stories for some time..

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I read Reddit with my own sick filtering process. For a long time every other entry became some form of a cat "cute" or cat "laptop sitting" (tee hee) I brought up how lame it was... Cat people had their fangs out. But eventually all the mods living in mommies basement with their cats in their laps saw the error of their ways.. and it is less.

Then the atheists fanatics took over. Every other nerd was ranting about how de-godded they were. Methinks most of them were offspring of evangelists sowing their wild oats, or nerds in their moms basement with cats in their laps sipping tea from their Richard Dawkins coffee cups. I was vilified as a right wing christian nut for asking them to give it a break. Eventually they created, R/Athiest.

Reddit used to have numerous NSFW posts 90% of them were just a bit racy or contained some nudity. Eventually they became horrible disgusting child porn garbage. I pointed this out on Reddit and was vilified as a right wing evangelist censorship freak. Eventually they busted the child porn mod and his ring of sickos. There was a good deal less sick crap.

The new thing is that right wing nuts (conservatives are always latecomer and bring their dark hearts along with them) posting wing nut ramblings. Often as You Tube videos so you don't realize you are clicking on wingnutery. The mods need to get out of Mommies basement more and realize they have been duped just the same way the MSM losers have been.

I got told I "you're a moron" the other day for countering a conversation about how the South is going to git it right on this round of secession.

I countered "are you sure you don't mean your a moron? He corrected it and posted "your a moron". I didn't have the heart to ask him if he was going to spell moron "morans"…

Hoping the mods step up their game.. Meeeeyooooow.

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Has anybody caught on that this is a conclave of republicans? the shirtless FBI guy's wingnoia(R) was so extreme he contacted a congressman(R) in Washington who in turn contacted his putzworthyness Eric Cantor(R). Because Patreus(R) was boffing a cougar(R) Broadsomething who was narced out by the socialite Kelly(R) "ambassador"... [puff puff catches breath]....It really is the vagina(R) monologues!

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Ken Layne You are a national treasure. All we have left.

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As a Christian I would like to say one thing. It is a blessing we have Ken Layne amongst us. May God bless him.

"-our national heritage of illiterate preachers going from town to town trying to rile up the yokels enough to fill the “love offering” buckets and fill up the Lincoln Continental and pay off the hookers and the hooch man and get across the state line before the sheriff figures out what happened."

I nearly pissed my pants. Sorry hipsters LOL. (still)