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Agreed, absolutely true! There are some episodes I often think of as basically filler -- the Freya episode springs to mind (hilarity of Stepford Mary Lennox aside) -- and every time when I rewatch them I'm like "oh -- OH WAIT -- OH THAT'S IN THAT EPISODE okay I was wrong there is nothing filler about this."

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It's funny thinking back to Past Me, because Past Me had NO IDEA just how much of a life-ruiner this show was going to be. Even at this episode! At this episode I was MAYBE starting to get an inkling of just how many feelings I was going to have over the next six episodes. A small inkling. MAYBE.

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And the moral of this episode is that self-insert fanfic kills. :(

. . . well, that and that Princess Tutu is a-OK with polyamory. There's hope for an OT4 yet!

(In all seriousness, when I saw this episode for the first time, I literally shrieked out loud. "FAKIR WRITES STORIES?!?!?! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!")

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I think that was also me. >.>

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Hee, manuscriptgeek is absolutely accurate about my reaction when people mention the Secret Garden. But she totally is! The difference is that Mary Lennox at the beginning of canon ALREADY loves only flowers and hates everybody else, before, you know, character development.

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So aside from the SUPER ADORABLENESS of everything to do with Duck and Fakir in this episode (Fakir's FACE when he throws the clothes at her! I have seen this scene a million times by now and EVERY TIME I LAUGH HARDER) I think it's kind of significant that this episode (in the scene in Fakir's room) is the first time we see Duck looking like Tutu, but acting like Duck. In all the previous episodes, Tutu seemed almost like separate magical-graceful-wise personality taking over from Duck. Even in episode 11 Duck was thinking how things that have to do with Tutu really don't have much to do with her as herself. But that nervous babbling about getting caught in Fakir's room -- man, Magical Princess Tutu doesn't care about that. It's Duck who cares. And I wonder how much that means the lines are blurring.

Also, dang, this is not a good episode for Duck and her friends; one of them turns out to be a raven princess and the other turns out to be a puppet. What's next -- she discovers that Lilie doesn't really want her to succeed?!

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One point that strikes me now is that Karon is behaving to Fakir almost exactly the way Fakir did to Mytho: first trying to dissuade him from his dangerous path with words, and then with a blow. Fakir's been carrying Karon's dysfunctional modes of protection onward and addressing them to Mytho. It doesn't work, for Fakir or for Karon. You can see that they both mean well, but meaning well isn't enough.

YES. I was gonna say the same thing, I'm really glad you brought it up. Patterns of behavior are learned! And it's very clear where Fakir learned his -- and that Karon regrets teaching him them, as Fakir clearly regretted using them right after he hit Mytho the first time.

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Why walk through a door when you can break a window? Or leap over a high wall? Or ride in on a random horse? DOORS ARE FOR THE WEAK.

(As are shirts without giant holes in them, and common human courtesy. OH DRAMA KING FAKIR. <3)

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My favorite piece of foreshadowing in this episode: Zlgub'f urnegfuneq bs qribgvba/bofrffvba vf svkngrq BA EHR. Juvpu bs pbhefr znxrf fb zhpu frafr, va gur yvtug bs jung'f gb pbzr . . .

Also, how much do I love Rue and Ahiru's conversation? SO MUCH. Rue hasn't ever really been friends with girls before . . . but she doesn't think she hates it . . .

At least, not as much as Fakir apparently HATES DOORS. Fakir, what did the art building ever do to you?

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"That smile . . . was that because he was dancing with me, or . . .?"

Rue motivation theory: after freaking out about the kindness in Mytho's eyes last episode, she suggests that Mytho dance with Duck because she wants to see how Mytho appears, feelings-wise, when dancing with people who aren't her. Is it the same when he's dancing with Duck? Is Rue special?

I mean, we know from his chat with Fakir that everybody makes Mytho feel some unique and exciting cocktail of loneliness/sorrow/affection/bitter disappointment, but apparently Mytho is not having those conversations with Rue!