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Their entire mindset can be summed up with a single phrase, "Curse you writers, my FanFic is ruined". That is their entire argument in a nutshell. Remember the video BC and Digi did of the Daring Dont episode? The only problem they had with it was that because Daring Doo was a real pony all the fan content became meaningless. They need to get it through their heads that the show cannon is not overruled by some half backed head cannon fanfiction.

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#24/#38 ::: Lady Satsuki performs Life Fiber Override not synchronize, thats Ryuko's stick..... baka

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Yo Seth you might wanna look at #34 and 45 again cause I think you missed the Saucy tag. Even if #34 was a joke (haha) please put the tag on it.

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Ok I have absolutely had it with DigiBrony and BronyCurious for their absolutely broken line of thinking. The best way to describe their line of thinking is " The show is matching my head cannon or expectations therefore there is something wrong with the show and I now hate it". No, the problem is your adversity to changing your expectations and moving along with with what the writers decide to produce. The two of them are quite literally forcing their fan-fiction ideas upon the show and discrediting it for not following their ideals. Best example of this is the "Daring Don't" episode where we find out that Daring Doo is a real person. The two of them both mark against the show for making her a real person and saying that it hurts the world as a whole for crushing the idea of fiction in equestria. That is their problem not the shows, if you don't like it too flipping bad its what the writers decided to do and you should respect their decisions and not bash them for doing something you PERSONALLY (keyword here) didn't like.

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Celestia actually being respectfully represented in a fan made work, be still my heart.

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#3 You know i'd complain but you know what its too accurate

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Yeah how about no

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Well in respect to Rarity's lying she did go through a bit of mental breakdown due the stress of keeping appearances.

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I didn't know the writer for this episode new so that definitely bolsters the episodes score. HOWEVER, there was one very large problem that I think does attribute to the fact the writer is new. Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara are never punished for their actions. They shamed and belittled someone with a disability and never feel any repercussions from it. That is something I personally can not stand by any means. It in a way it shows that it is okay to make fun of peoples shortcomings because nothing will bad will happen to you.