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Tired of hearing obama and President in same sentence. To say so is an oxymoron. Never in the history of America, has such a liar, narcissic, arrogant, stupid person, ever deceived his way into the office he now holds. obama, one term or sooner and gone.

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obama has chosen his czars and cabinet members to be clones of himself. Redundant in the extreme, and another pulitzer prize winner to boot. Pathetic at best.

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DWS is the poster child for total STUPID.

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Olympia Snowe was an insult to those who voted for her, and a greater insult to the people of America. All her actions were purely political, common sense never entered her mind.The Republican party will be better served without her double crossing mannerisms. I agree, take Collins with her.

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Still misstating the obvious. It really is not broadguage, as much as it should be narrowgauge, narrow mind, if any.

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Anyone who believes that obama is qualified to be pres, is either a complete fool, or is unAmerican, likely both.

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Get your head out of your lower anatomy and actually use your brains for a change. Your comment is ridiculous in its content and intent.

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Wasting our time making such an assinine comment.

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A long deposited pile of dog C R A P has more intelligence than obama and his loony followers.

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I have a certain ugly a$$ tree in my back yard. I named it obama and every chance I get I pi$$ on it, so do all my dogs.