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I suppose your damn pink panthers don't see color. With statements like "WE gonna havto kill more white babies." I feel this way about you slime ass blacks. 7.62 will cure a lot of our problems with you pink panther bunch and I have about 3,000 rounds to help me with my problems no threats here jut say'in

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Who the hell has mentioned the KKK ? It is stupid fu-ks like you that keep this racist bull shit up. screw you and the jack ass you rode on

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Yeah they would have arrested him on the spot for not letting them beat him senseless.There is one thing you don't have to carry a gun to kill a bunch of thugs like this gang of ni--ers you can use a 30in sollid bat with stainless screws about 3in long ,you may not get them all but there will be several laying around when the jerk ass cops show up

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This site is a joke and a schill for obama ,if you read the warning below it is just to scare people into not mentioning it in their post so they can't talk about the democrats,the rhino'sand all of the liberal lefties. Next we will see words like communist ,muslim jhadist all of which describe their president . It doesin't matter if I use the word or not most times they will not post my comments because I have no use for obama or any of his illegal appointee's,nor his supporters

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You have defiitely hit the nail one the head . It is said that the truth will set you free I just hope it sets us free of this muslim communist

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I could care less what you queers think ,if this happens in any animal species,you can kill them and end that stupidity

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The word has come from the chief muslim in charge,this half breed joke has put the word out that all chaplins must not mention GOD or Jesus under threat of courts marshal for "sedition and treason. However the mullahs or what ever this cult calls their ministers can call on allah or mohamahd at anytime without worry of prosicution. This son of a white trash communist whore and an American hating muslim has put out his decree and we must obey.

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If you want to end your career just say anything that these queers THINK is against them and they will do anything including but not limited to hiring private investigaters to follow you and document everything you do. Don't look up you may see a drone over head,that would be from the Southern poverty law group or the NAACP because you happend to mention something about white folks you will automaticly be a racist.

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that is the same type of thing that obama has done to Armed services chaplins but they have been told they will be courtmarshled if the mention God Or Jesus for sedition and treason . However the mulahs can call on allah or mohamad all they want without any threat to them,that is how it is going to be in our churches if we don't get rid of this half breed bastard son of a white trash communist whore and a America hating low life muslim father

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you should change your name to obamapuppet