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Articles about Corbyn on here are like the ones on Scargill there used to be in the Telegraph. They are there to give us a good fright over our cornflakes, even when justified!

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The National Archives does that (with dedicated budget and resources), not departments usually. It's not just a question of getting someone to stsnd over a scanner, the images have to be in a format which will not corrupt or degrade over time (otherwise it's a waste of money) and appropriate descriptive metadata has to be provided (otherwise you can't search for particular records. I write as a qualified archivist who worked briefly at TNA.

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Thing is, the Data Protection Act is meant to protect data supplied for purpose a) from being used for purposes b)-z). Those landing cards are records of people arriving in the UK to tell the authorities know their status (I've filled in loads of them). Using them to prove status is part of what the data was supplied for. So not sure where the HO is coming from on this one.

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"Making an electronic copy" would have been a lengthy costly process and still in the minds of the HO have bern a "breach of data protection" (though it probably wasn't). Keeping the originals in store or sending them to TNA would have been cheaper.

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Censuses officially list everyone, not just everyone who can prove they have the right to live here. But yes the electoral roll might help.

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Is that a prime concern for local government elections though? I mean, I am concerned about the bias against mothers who want to stay at home a d look after their own children, rather than go out to work, but I am not sure thst is a local election issue either.

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"Sure, as he emphasised, some people want to stay at home to look after their kids, but childcare costs mean that other parents have little (rational) choice to do otherwise.". This may be true but as I have pointed out before it is more complex than that. It is also true that the tax and benefit system is skewed towards working couple parents. A couple where one parent stays at home to look after the children is not eligible for all the in kind support represented by "free" childcare nor for some tax breaks. So in fact some parents, especially those who are not wealthy, have no choice to do otherwise than work.

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In districts and counties, as well as in unitary authorities such as London boroughs? Just curious.

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Many working women are very badly paid. Never mind journalists etc getting paid less than their male counterparts - childcare workers are overwhelmingly women, mostly not graduates and all get paid modest salaries, while doing a uniquely valuable job.