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Hard to believe that "Like Fine Wine" is based on a clopfic.

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I'll forgive him for everything if he makes his entrance with a Twilight plushie while "FLASH! AAAAAAAH!" plays.

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Less effort =/= lower quality. Also, that's simply not true - a high-quality SFM and a great piece of fanart take about the same amount of manhours if the skill of the artists is otherwise equal.

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Happy New Year from the Netherlands!

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Don't reply to bait kids.

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"I'm not going back in. No, I won't do it. Seriously, no, I'm not going back in, it's done, cut. Can maybe somebody put me back in the Kubrick? I wanna go back in the Kubrick. Can somebody maybe take me to the room where I become an old man and watch myself die? It's fine, you don't even have to give me the whole space baby thing. I'll go without the space baby. Okay fine, I'll take the space baby."

- Jontron, Japanese Shoot-em-Ups

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It's called a DOUJINSHI dammit!

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For a second there I thought that one of the items said "Estrus Flask"

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The title of the show has 6 words.
3 of those are in the subtitle.
2 of the other words are adjectives.
The remaining word is at the core of the title of the show itself.
And then they changed it.

Why would you do this to us Hasbro? Why couldn't you just let the team work their magic and let the cash flow in instead of hitting the proverbial money printer with an equally proverbial hammer in the hope that said money printer would start printing more valuable money?

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Half of the replies are staff posts!