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I'm sure that he gave those to Moochelle long ago!

They go with his P*SSY helmet!

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I think I was censored because of a word, so I'll try again.

Obamao is a P*SSY. Look at the front page of Drudge today. Putin is on a boat with a gun to hunt whales. Obamao is riding a GIRL'S bike with a P*SSY helmet on and looks like a huge P*SSY.

Remember the good old days when our Presidents were men? JFK playing ball with his brothers, Ronnie and George W on their ranches hauling things around, George the elder in his boat? Now, our Pres looks like a total P*SSY. No wonder no one is afraid of us, particularly Muslims. They think all they have to do is B*TCHSLAP him and he'll back down.

I bet he screams when he sees a mouse too...

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Liberal? Check. Conservative? NOW HOLD ON JUST A DOGGONE MINUTE! We don't need none of THEM people on this show!

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Why is it Obamao and his hulking wife always put the blame on whites? I don't know when whites told the black community to have most of their kids out of wedlock so that the welfare queens could raise their sons in one parent homes. It is well documented that children in single parent homes are less educated, more likely to have trouble with the law, live more dangerous lives. But rather than take the NAACP to task for SUPPORTING this lifestyle by blaming us ugly 'crackers' (why didn't Obama's Hulk condemn the RACISM shown by King 'Pap' Schmear regarding us 'crackers'?) instead of taking responsibility to help the black community, instead she plays to the crowd and blames the whites for not being more helpful and being just plain mean.

The sooner this apparition of Frankenstein's wife and her arrogant excuse of a husband Obamao are out of power the better for our country...

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Pete Stark is a waste of flesh. This guy is such an @ss in how he acts towards his constituents that if they don't throw him out then they get what they deserve. California, FLIPPING WAKE UP!! GET RID OF THIS POS AND QUEEN NANCY!

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The little runt probably is just following suit with those idiots in Detroit last year that were chanting 'Obama' because they were getting 'Obama money' from his 'stash'.

So just how is the little runt any different than the welfare queens that elected Obamao? All they wanted was the US taxpayer's money too...

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That little runt figured that if he was ever to collect money from us for our 'atrocities' he'd better strike now while the King of Apology, Lord Barack of Obama, was in charge. I'm sure the Dear Leader will nego his 'Mini Me' friend down to $30 Trillion and then have the gall to tell us he not only saved us money but 1) it was GW Bush's fault and 2) the world now REALLY likes us because we care more than we did before.

We are so screwed with this administration....

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Exactlly right. I was able to be in Europe on a business trip a couple of years ago and watch the rugby world cup and was hooked. I wish it would make a BIG splash here in the US. I think that it would be a great addition to the US Sports scene.

Soccer, on the other hand, speaks for itself. How long have they tried to make us like it, even starting a league. Nobody goes, because it SUCKS!

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Gives new insights to the old saying, "This tastes like feet!' Or to the mainly man saying of a particularly sour fart, 'did something crawl up your butt and DIE!'

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Huh. I wonder if Barty and company are going to sue Queen Nancy and Slick Willy for lying to them?? After all, they said that if they DIDN'T pass the socialist Obamacare legislation that they wouldn't be reelected. Now, they see that we ARE really pissed off and so they are getting out with their dignity intact somewhat...

Loser jerks....