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"Ban dogs on five trail sections where they are now allowed"

Can someone please explain to me who's idiotic idea this was??

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A sizable portion of dog owners in Boulder are too stupid or lazy to control their dogs, its unfortunate but then again its not really a surprise. This is the only way to deal with the problem, you cant keep sending out fire crews.

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I'm getting tired of this secret artwork crap. He's just like the graffiti artist banksy in that he can't make a name for himself without creating some blown up "mystery".

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"carry basic survival gear, including a whistle, compass, flashlight or headlamp and the means to start a fire"

haha thats ridiculous. try carrying a brain and dont be a moron who gets lost at ski resorts.

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Drink it obviously, whats your point? Are you saying beeradvocate isnt accurate?

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Why is everyone saying Gordon Blersch doesn't make good beer? A quick look at beeradvocate shows that isn't the case.

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Why do you think the healthy forest that isn't burned would be immune to pine beetles? The article said they are part of a healthy ecosystem so they are probably already present in the healthy areas and will quickly spread there too.

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Another garbage self-conflicting article from krugman, I would expect nothing more. Why is this trash in our BOULDER newspaper? There are elementary students in our town that could write a better article than this.

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Thats funny that you link to an article with the headline "coyote attacks on the rise in Colorado"

Keep on thinking coyotes should be left alone with their population allowed to explode. When your child or dog is attacked maybe you will change your mind.

Also I never said it was possible to eliminate coyotes completely from Boulder, but that doesn't mean we should just sit on our asses while they overrun our town.

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The fact that I don't like coyotes isn't the point. They are dangerous predators that are known to attack children and dogs, and our city would be much better off without them. Are you actually saying we should reintroduce wolves to boulder? That is insane, just because an animal is part of the natural ecosystem doesn't mean they should stay. Many places have gotten rid of coyotes and they are much better off because of it.