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Saluton !

I am wondering that Esperanto could be accepted in the field of legal system because the Esperanto traders are using Esperanto but not English.

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If I had known Esperanto earlier, I would use Esperanto words as Akvveno. You can guest it as you know hispana.

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Also en Global Voices Esperanto version

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Well, Owen, the next Esperanto World Congress will be in Argentine next year, 2014, learn Esperanto now and you can be there with hundreds of people from more than 70 countries. The youth congress is in Brazil and you will be enjoying the full Latin fun.

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Congratulations! It is the right choice of yours, I hoped. I did that switch 4 years ago when I go to know Esperanto and I switched lane. But alas, as a low income educationist, I did not enjoy much of the new life in the new lane. But at least, to my conscious of heart, I endure and am willing to suffer the material life from 10 down to zero with two meals a day instead of five plus teh tarik.

Each and every of us has our own choice of life style to choose from. It can be the five star hotel and five star restaurant or self made coffee of 37 sen per glass or mamak stall teh tarik.

Choose what you enjoy the most but not what you regrets later the most

Bondeziroj al via nova vivo

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Saluton Mary,

I would like to suggest you reading and pondering further if Australia is providing mother tongue education to all her citizens. Just like you have the choice to learn Irish and speak Irish.

Besides, I also hope you can ponder further with the article 'English in, Culture out,,, ' which is happening in Australia and what you are going to help the community the moment you return to Down Under.

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Please take a look of the report from The Telegraph, how many native speakers of English would be in the world. Many Malaysians still do not aware the change of the world and thinking imperialism language still rule but do not take a look of the language which is recommended by UNESCO,Esperanto, CNN also reported about it this July, search youtube, Can you speak Esperanto, for international language.

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Hi Mary

Nice to read your article. If you need more information about Australian indigenous people, you can contact the Australian Esperantist .Trevor Steele.

You can find him on facebook too.

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Well, good to hear your move is with Indigenous people. You can search the awesome blog of LoyarBurok with Esperanto to have some ideas of Esperanto movement in Malaysia and the world.

Bonfartas de via projekto.

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I hope the writer would focus on the aborigine(indigenous people) rights in her home country. A simple search would see a lot of problems of the Australian government towards the minority, though multiculutre, not multilingual comment from the Language on the move page.

Another hope would the writer work with the Australia Esperanto Association (AEA) to overcome the linguistic issue in Down Under ? The current president of AEA is Dianee LUKE and recentyly, she has embarked on a petition to teach Esperanto world wide.

Would Australians accept this call ? Would the Australian government accept this call too for the LOTE programme ?