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The only good thing to come from the Wills/Kate wedding is the extra day off... oh and if I hear the media call her a "commoner" one more time I think I might go mental... she is about as common as venison kebab..!!

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Ive just had a brief look at their website and am appalled that its look and layout is almost the same as the BNP website.

That just shows was r'tards they must be.

Nice to see that only 242 like them in Facebook hahaha

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I have various views about Christianity and the youth but that's for a different thread.

Even if the Muslims are given the right to vote BNP but I doubt any them will due to the years of lies and hatred that has been spread by the other parties about what the British National Party stands and fights for.

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Only when I need to be unclevian ;)

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That would be nice but wouldnt that be make us as bad as the ConDem thugs? Maybe tar and feather him and parade him through every city, town and village in the country and allow people to throw eggs and rotten veg at him... thats lengthy humiliation.

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A thoroughly honest and thought provoking speech there by Nick. Its something that everyone should watch and digest but sadly that wont happen due to the ConDem brainwashing that goes on every minute of everyday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas =)

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I can say with pride that I have never watched a queens speech in my 33 years... I wanted to keep my dinner down and enjoy the rest of the day.

Having read some text of what she said my only words are WHAT THE F**K was she on about??? I just sounds like the same mindless drivel that comes from the ConDem coalition every day. Unfortunately it wont get any better when the next in line takes over the throne... it will only get a lot worse.

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The illegal war against patriotism and nationalism doesn't seem to have stopped because of Christmas/Yule... the threat to this country will not cease until criminals like Cameron are ousted for government.

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One of my our cats bought one into the house a few weeks back... thankfully it wasnt hurt but obviously shaken... put it in the tree in the front garden and it flew away a few minutes later.

They are absolutely beautiful creatures =)

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I almost fell off my chair when I read this earlier.... so christians arent allowed to wear crosses if they work for BA but muslim wokers can wear their tea-towels and now this.

Two words come to mind and one of them is "off" followed by "back","own"and "country".