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Was I dreaming when I heard from SEVERAL administration officials that it was "silly" to worry about the czars because they have no power ... they don't make policy ... they do things like research and advise the president. Did I NOT hear that? I'm pretty sure I was wide awake! Why then are they saying that this pay czar decided on this executive compensation policy all on his own - that BO didn't have anything to do with it - that THIS GUY now seems to HAVE THE POWER!!! And WHY has nobody picked up on this and replayed the clips of all of those who pooh-pooh-ed the concern about these people? Doesn't the legislature know that they are being rendered unnecessary? One would think THAT fact would scare them into standing up! I really feel as if those of us here on the outside are alone. The conservatives in D.C. should be standing out on the capitol steps, all together, screaming about these things. Why aren't they? Why do we feel as if WE have to do THEIR WORK???

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Ticked me off too. "Free money." Don't THINK SO! Free for THAT lady ... just like everything else. Maybe that's the lady who wasn't going to have to worry about paying her mortgage or putting gas in her car any more either!

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Oh, didn't you hear? BO says he did NOT tell Patterson not to run. Let's see ... should we believe THIS ONE?

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I can't believe they would go after the Allegheny cemetery! I can't believe the boy-mayor said "Yes" to this! Oh yeah, they are going around with a crew cleaning up garbage all along their routes from the county airport and they are planting shrubs and fixing concrete near the home of the woman BO will visit on the North Side. We are paying for planting trees, paving roads, our schools are closing for 2.5 days, we are going to live through 3 days of grid-lock, some people have to take vacation time or unpaid time to stay home because they won't be able to make the commute. What for again? Oh yeah, so we can get pee and poo thrown around down town, have our cemetery and businesses vandalized, and see our streets and parks strewn with litter!!! Yeah, I can see why now! I will be VERY interested to see the condition of our city when these bozos leave ... opposed to photos and eye witness reports (from people like me) of the condition of the capitol mall during and after the march last Saturday. Hmmm ... let's make sure we look at that, K?

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Agree. Don't like the feds taking over all federal loans. What do they mean that Pelosi wouldn't allow it any other way? Someone can present a separate bill for the Acorn defunding. Pelosi needs to be put in her place!!!!

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How about they all have beers??? That fixes everything, right?

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Today Rush said that anyone who says this is not a republical or democrat thing is wrong. He said it is definitely a conservative thing.

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Already done before I read this. I told him how disappointed I was. He said mroe than once that he wasn't there, yet continued to say what he "thinks" we were thinking and why we were there. He also did just what MSM media would do and lead off with the most extreme signs they could find. Totally unfair. I also informed him that I was staning right with 2 African American women who happen to be registered nurses against the health car plan. I bet those two very nice ladies were very surprised to find out that they weren't there!!!! Oh ... and they didn't seem to be the least bit "afraid" or "uncomfortable" to be there.

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Hi White_Rose. My sons and I were there. There were people as far as the eye could see. Normally I wouldn't be very comfortable in crowds like this, but I must tell you that I never felt more safe, more among friends. These people were nice, polite, CLEAN, together like we were a family. Veterans surrounded us ... active military all over the place. My teenage sons were amazed and so very proud to be there. This crowd stretched all the way to the Washington Monument and the term "tens of thousands" made us all laugh when we heard even Fox News repeat that. The aerial photos show a different story. It was an incredible and moving experience that made us certain we are NOT alone. We met, talked with, walked with people of all colors, occupations, ages. It was America at her finest and our biggest question is, "DO THEY HEAR US NOW?"

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We all have to call our representatives and senators. I already planned to demand a response to exactly why my senators voted for Cass Sunstein. I am now going to add a demand for a response to what they plan to do about ACORN.