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What's the big deal? It's not like he's the only illegal alien at the White House. After all, HE doesn't live there.

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... your union dues to support jihad..

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A wordly kingdom? Like Barnes and Noble? It's right next door to JoAnn's Fabrics, where all the satin worshipers are gathered (and hemmed [hymned?]) :) Good Monday mornin' to ya!

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I'm not sure Islamists worship satin. Possibly one of the other textile Gods, though definitely, definitely not spandex.

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Okay, the reason for the expensive liquor on her flights. She was going to drain the swamp in Washington until she discovered it wasn't full of alcohol. And with all the Kennedys getting out of politics (one way or another), some one has to keep up the lush, I mean, luxuriant tradition that they set.

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France had better watch themselves. When you do something that our federal government is supposed to do but doesn't have the cojones for, the could end up being sued, just like Arizona.

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The tingling means it's working!

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I thought there was this huge hurry to get this healthcare reform done. Now that that has become impossible (thank God), Pelosi is all: "Pause, reflect." Like the delay is all her idea. There are a lot of people in Washington who should be getting ready to leave town come this November.

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Ha! At best he's in purgatory, trapped in a car that is slowly filling with water. Kennedy was no great man. He knew he could fool some of the people all of the time and he simply worked to make sure it was enough to get reelected. NE elitism and liberal hero worship shows you all to be fools.

Meanwhile, Teddy burns in hell.

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And then just enough votes for Brown to lose will be found in the trunk of some election official's car, just like in Minnesota.