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Hon, you are doing great :)
And the other driver staying behind to watch over Atti's chair is just another reminder that you are doing great. They recognized the importance and KNEW you would come back. Just a little reminder that we all have the ability to do nice things for other people (even when they tork us off!!).

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For the past several years, photo cards have been my "go to" for getting Christmas greetings out to friends and family. They are so easy and the designs to choose from just get better and better every year!

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How absolutely AWESOME! I just may have to create one of my own :)

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Tresa, the nitrous makes me absolutely panicky. While (almost) everyone else goes on and on about how wonderful it is, I say NO THANK YOU. Thankfully I have not lost my lunch because of it, but I have had the feeling that I needed to get up outta that dentist office and RUN. FAST.
That seems to be the norm for me. I never seem to have the same experiences when it comes to drugs that most others have... legal and otherwise ;)

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I refuse to stick up for anyone who can't get their story straight and can't seem to maintain sensible common sense while at a police station. Amanda chose to associate with a certain set of people while in Italy. You should always choose your friends wisely. Maybe she didn't commit murder, but I whole heartedly believe she was a part of the process.
My biggest problem is the good ol' US of A feeling like we ALWAYS have to stick our noses in another country's business. Amanda traveled there, no one forced her to be there. When you travel to another country you are subject to their laws and their justice system if you find yourself in the middle of any type of crime. Is Italy's justice system messed up? Maybe. Is the US justice system messed up? I think so. But it comes down to who you choose to associate with and the choices you make. I think Amanda made a bad choice in friends and bed partners and she got herself into trouble.
And because of that I don't think that my hard earned tax dollars should go to "diplomatic" dealings to get her out of a mess she got herself into.

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Cantwell, please don't spend our tax dollars on Knox. She was convicted in another country's legal system. If she isn't guilty, well, they will have to sort that out in the appeals process.

When traveling abroad you must abide by their laws and justice system. Just because a bunch of Americans are screaming injustice doesn't mean the verdict must be overturned or some politician needs to spend our tax dollars trying the diplomatic approach.

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I did NOT vote for Bush either time.

I did NOT vote for Rossi either time.

I do NOT agree with the war in Iraq now or in the past.

I do think we need to pay to keep people like this OFF the street with our tax dollars.

I call myself liberal.

And I have been thinking of the 4 officers families. They are living a nightmare that NO ONE should have to live.

And yes, I am glad this S.O.B. is D-E-A-D. I celebrate in that.

So don't think you can generalize people mke6565. What point are you trying to make??

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Thankfully this monster is off the streets without more needless bloodshed. The fact that this idiot had so many friends and family aid and abet him renders me speechless. I hope if they are not brought to justice that karma catches up with them eventually.
I am not ashamed to say that I am glad this guy is dead. Less money we have to spend on him the better.
I hope that this brings some sort of closure to the families of the murdered police officers. I can't imagine the Hell they are living in right now.

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Heartbreaking. So much sad news lately. Love and peace going out to their family members.

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Lisa was such a kind and wonderful woman. She spent many days helping us find the right house when we moved to the Long Beach area nearly four years ago. She then helped us sell that same house a year later. She went out of her way to show us around the peninsula and was happy to share her knowledge of the unique area. We would see her walking to work or around town several times during the week and she was always happy to stop and chat. She had a winning smile and loved her town.
Our family is heartbroken over this senseless tragedy. We would like to extend our condolences to her family and to the town of Long Beach. You lost a beautiful soul on Friday.