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The original song "Mrs. Robinson" was by Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel....

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I will agree with you that our founding fathers would assume there would be a group of informed voters, but then again, the Senate was created for the specific purpose of having a more even-handed and reasonable body in Congress so that the masses wouldn't implement ill-considered laws through the House. For example, the House just passed a bill taxing the AIG bonuses by 90%, while most Americans agree with the sentiment we should be careful not to fall into the trap of disregarding inconvenient articles of the Constitution. Hopefully, this will be addressed this week in the Senate.

Also, the Electoral College was created so that the masses of only one State could not determine the direction of the Nation.

Watch the HBO film about John Adams, one of the themes of the entire film it that Mr. Adams believed that some protections must be put in place to insulate the government from unruly mobs. Mr. Jefferson, on the other hand believed that revolution might be occasionally necessary to renew the fires of democracy. Hopefully, our elected officials will begin to see reason and it won't come to that. If it does though, the true question is whether the military will support the Constitution or the President and Congress.

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For those wondering about where to start in implementing term limits, this site is a good place to find information...

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Check out this link of MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow commenting on the so called "Conservadems", a group of 15 moderate Democrats lead by Sen. Evan Buy, who are forming a coalition to oppose President Obama's budgetary plans and support fiscal responsibility in Congress. Ms. Maddow had the audacity to suggest that being fiscally responsible during a recession would lead to a great depression.

While I agree with those calling for term limits and am considering voting against all incumbents in the next election, I think we should commend these Democrats for standing up to their party and for being true patriots.

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