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A good point, that one. In which case the notion that the Bible was written by God is true in neither physical nor "spiritual" sense (with God writing through each apostle?), and is at best (suspending disbelief and considering God to be true) a bunch of dudes' interpretations of what the Bible should have been all about. And with the literacy rates of the day, it's not like lying was expressly difficult in text. So even if you take the Biblical God construct to be true, the Bible itself is errant BS.

I stand by the abolition of religious text-based religions: this multiple interpretations nonsense is a waste of time on everybody's part =/ [and a danger to society in some cases].

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<3. I can't bring myself to bother with cult texts, but thank you for that. Scientology is less autoerrant than that, and Scientology is based on a fiction novel. Then again, the other religions are based on fiction novels. These people need some better reading material, seriously.