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...until the anti-semitism rears up, at least.

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Oh look at me and my vow that I wouldn't cry at all today.

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Homeward Bounders was one of the few books as a kid that both terrified me and that I love. I haven't read it in a while though.

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DWJ has some awesome standalones:

Dogsbody (if you like a) stars, b) dogs, c) really well done child's-eye perspective on the Troubles)
Homeward Bounders (if you like the contemplation of time and essential alienation at the heart of the human condition made horrific via the metaphor of cosmic D&D games)
Hexwood (if you like cascading multiple universes and hypothetical scenarios played out simultaneously)

Also Deep Secret (multiverse wizard has to try to find his successor and prevented a multiverse-spanning empire from collapsing in the middle of ComiCon)

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Also everyone should read Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie's Trumpfic:

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yes! we should be friends! (are you on toastie-slack?)

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I LOVE THE LAST SAMURAI. (Do you also have trouble recommending it because people are like "no thanks-- 'Dancing with Wolves' novels really aren't my thing" and you have to explain, that no, it's not that novel at all; it's a brilliant novel about being a woman and being bored and unfulfilled and trying to figure out how communication even works, one human to another.

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Yeah did not love Red Rising although I did read the sequel and will probably read the third one at some point. I guess found them engaging but. A) the main character's wife literally fridges *herself* at the beginning so that he will be motivated to do the great things he is destined to do. B) overall it felt like the author read Hunger Games and was like: "insufficiently dark and edgy and not enough manpain. Also the classics references are insufficiently pretentious. Clearly a manly male author and protagonist are needed to show all these girly ya-dystopia writers how it's done."

(N.b. The author as a real human being might be a perfectly decent person, but the 'author as constructed In an agonistic relationship to the genre in which the novel is written' seemed annoying.)

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Or at least, mutual enemies. I, uh, still acquire nemeses but I don't think that they know that they are my nemesis. That's normal, right?

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Errrrrrrgh what a creeper.

(I do love that he tried to show off his classical learnings and totally missed the single most fundamental lesson of ALL ancient literature, namely, that abducting women is how you START wars. Like, did he remember what the reason was for that war that the Sabine women stopped?)