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I think "all the gods in Gyongxe" is referencing the fact that it is said that Gyongxe is the place closest to the Gods, (and thus there are lots of temples there too.)

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Preface: I found a cool tumlr that goes into details about the Harry potter house sorting using how/why
Evvy a Slytherin/Slytherin cares about HER people above all else, but Rosethorn, a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw (formerly "burned" presenting Slytherin) wants to protect ALL people.
I actually think she might be falling back on her Ravenclaw logic for this speech in beqre gb cerfreir ure erpynvzrq Uhssyrchss nsgre gur jne. V qba'g guvax fur jbhyq unir tvira guvf fcrrpu bgurevfr. So while I understand why she would say this in this context, I don't agree.

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I was legit worried for a moment though (October Daye spoilers) ohg gung jnf zbfgyl orpnhfr V unq whfg ernq Puvzrf ng Zvqavtug.

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HTU! ybbx ng gubfr punenpgre cnenyyryf orgjrra gur Orxn naq Ubyobea'f eryngvbafuvc naq Fnovar naq Ghafgnyy'f eryngvbafuvc. Obgu Ubyobea naq Ghafgnyy srry nf vs gurl ner frpbaq pynff gb gurve cnegare, naq obgu tb gb rkgerzrf gb cebir gurzfryirf, juvpu raq onqyl, gb fnl gur yrnfg. Nyfb cebcf gb Gnzzl sbe guvf ornhgvshy jevgvat.

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Also don't forget Ungbshy oblsevraq gur cvtrba qngvat fvz (Rot13 for markplays, because I have hope) Which is being redone! So excite!

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Wait, his name was Cole Smith? I raise my eyebrows at his name.

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I haven't read the Westing Game since I did it for Elementary School (I can't remember which year for the life of me 4th or 5th maybe?) so I'll refrain from spoliers as I only have vauge memories.
And Yay Diana Wynne Jones. I love her writing SO much!
The Merlin Conspiracy should be the next because it's frg va gur fnzr havirefr. (rot 13 for semi-expectaion spoliers, but not really) I actually read that one first though by accident. I just want Mark to read most of her bibliography.

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Bbu, V yvxr gung gurbel! Gur ernfba ur jnagf iratrapr vf orpnhfr ur jnf arire gurer sbe uvz. Fb n irel puvyq-yvxr iratrapr gung bar unf sbe n nofrag cnerag, vs gung vf jung'f unccravat. Gung pbhyq or jul ur unf fbzr pbageby bire Fvru nf jryy.

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I feel like not enough people are commenting about this book! I wonder though if we do get to see Deka, how Sieh will feel about him, since he is sexually attracted to Shahar, will he also be attracted to Deka? I guess I just have to wait and see...

Also I'm using a bookmark I got from the library about abusive relationships, and I feel as if it is entirely too appropriate for this series.

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Speculation on your comment: V guvax gung zvtug or jul gurl jbhyq oryvir ur jbhyq wbva gur Arj Yvtugf, orpnhfr ur unq fhpu n greevoyr gvzr orvat Anunqbgu. Fb vg vf pbapvinoyr ur jbhyq ungr uvz naq jnag uvz qrnq. Erzrzore gurl ner nyfb qrslvat gur Nenzrev naq gurl ner gur barf gung xrcg uvz gung jnl.