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my sentiments exactly

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Be sure to get your shrink to up the doses on your psychosis medications.Obama doesn't have that kind of power.

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Lugar is wrong.Just ask Senator Joe Miller of Alaska,Senator Christine O'Donnell of Delaware,Senator Sharron Angle of Nevada and Senator Linda McMahon of Connecticut.

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Trump has made more than $1.3 million in donations over the years to candidates nationwide, with 54 percent of the money going to Democrats, according to a Washington Post analysis of disclosure records.

From these comments it looks as though you righties have finally woke up about this snake oil salesman.

Wasn't that long ago he was leading in the Republican polls.I bet he voted for Obama in 2008

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"Why is he getting credit when he had to make a decision? 'OK, go and get him.' Now, who is not gonna make that decision?"
The answer is John McCain and Hillary Clinton..In case you right wingers don't remember this form the debates between McCain,Clinton and Obama..

| Wed Aug 1, 2007 7:26pm EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama said on Wednesday the United States must be willing to strike al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan.

FLASHBACK 2008: McCain, Clinton Slam Obama For Saying He’d Go Get Bin Laden In Pakistan (VIDEO)

Trump is a buffoon who needs to go somewhere and STFU.

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Trump is a buffoon.The reason he want run for president is because he can't afford to.No billionaires host realty tv shows.
He didn't make his money,he inherited money from his father Fred Trump, who was a bona fide self-made man and real estate tycoon who brought Trump into the business.
The success of his pitch to the desperate wannabes and clueless is based on their erroneous assumption, nurtured by Trump.

Trump showed an aptitude for real estate wheeling and dealing (and an even greater talent for self-promotion) that allowed him to parlay his share of his father's already successful business into a fortune of several hundred million by the 1980s, but as detailed in a 2005 profile by Timothy O'Brien in the New York Times, Trump had blown through it all by the mid-nineties and was in serious debt. Only 20 million dollars in loans from his rich siblings (each had inherited 35 million from father Fred, who was by then deceased) kept Trump afloat and allowed him to stage a comeback.
Do a web search on Donald Trump's Companies Filed for Bankruptcy 4 Times

He should go some where and STFU.

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Obama Kenyan birth cetificate is hidden under Trumps comb over

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Same chit different day

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Don't hold your breath turn your info over to Orley

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No one gives a chit about you or what you think.