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Ouch...that's hurt bro. makan dalam sangat tu LOL

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Wasalam. I'll try to comment then. Just want to wait for this Scorpene drama for a lil bit lol

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If Sultan take part in the car plate bid, win with RM520k = That amount of money should be spend on rakyat.

If Sultan did not take part, get the plate = People should follow the rules, including Sultan. o one above the law!

If Sultan take part, win with RM2k (or less) = Smell fishy, how come a premium number sold at that low price? Some one has misused his power!

If Sultan did not take part at all = Royal should come out and see rakyat, not just sit inside istana 24/7! (other story will come out)

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Why dont we held the referendum before GE?
Why not PAS organize a 'Hudud sit-in' to see how many Malaysian support hudud?
How long you want to test hudud code in Kelantan? How you want to know if hudud is a success in Kelantan?

How to implement hudud without amend Constitution? How much to amend if it's needed?
Do we need another referendum in every states to implement hudud?

Why dont Pakatan solve this issue before GE? How long we want to wait after GE (if Pakatan hold Putrajaya) before this issue start to rise again?

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If my memory serves me right, there are some talk about this join directly under BN a few years back right? What happen then?

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Do you know what are their excuse?
They (at least Fahmi Reza) use Article 10 (1.b) freedom to assemble, without ever mentioning the rest of the article (clause 2-4).

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By using google maps, 50 m from St mary Cathedral (the furthest) is the end of the Merdeka Square (the place which your red dotted circle touch Dataran). So it can be counted as within boundary or not eh? lol

I dont know why gov so lenient with this gigirl.

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Between you and Azmin is a personal issue, don't use it as a license for you to step in as MP. If you have any evidence of Azmin wrongdoing, there's court. If you want to become MP, show us your manifesto of what you can do to benefit Rakyat. If not, then you're no better than *that* person who use personal attack towards Najib, his wife or other MPs.

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Macam mana aku tak bantai, kalau dah dua-dua tak betul :p

You need to be careful though when approach for pay-to-publish articles, as not all of them are that bad. Some are 'legit' (in the eye of scientific community) and can be used as source of your work, and have a good intention about sharing knowledge to public (as it will be free [open access], no need to pay for subscription, the cost bear by writers, not by readers).

But many of them "are assumed to be commerical operations that will publish ALMOST anything, good or bad, as long as the author pays their fee".

you can read more at:

However, more and more varsities (including Malaysian) have a clear requirement of having their postgraduates and researchers to published their paper to peer reviewed journals, and not recognized any paper that published in the non peer reviewed ones (requirement for graduating for students, and KPI for researchers). Some not even recognized review and short comm paper.

p/s: Kalau ada banyak duit, upah je bebudak (including some researcher/lecturer) buatkan semua kerja-kerja akademik tu. Generally Malaysian researchers are not rich. And some of them ready to make some 'extra-income' haha

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Manikumar said, “arguing does not achieve anything.’’

I need to quote this statement for future references. Just in case...