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You will be missed, AB.

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The Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden.

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I have a friend that hunts and fishes in high heel boots and dressed like she is going to an upscale party. She always catches the fish and has even been known to hit two birds with one bullet. I am totally serious about that. And then she can cook that sage grouse so deliciously. I think Newt might be a little out of touch with reality.

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Newt doesn't strike me as a guy that would slip on a pair of Carhart overalls and go sit in the duckblind at 5 am to bring home the dinner. When politicians get to talking like this but have no connection to it in reality, I find it absurd.

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Why should native Americans not be subjected to federal interference when they are taking truckloads of cash from the federal government? They aren't really self governing. It's just an appeasement concept that they are.

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OK, how can one claim that the Arizona border is secured and then claim at other times that the border is not secure? See 12 seconds into the clip for that doozy. Obviously, his behavior IS affecting his credibility. Let's not be hypocrites about this. As much as I expected The Weiner Wonder Boy to resign, I expect Sheriff Babeu to resign. My question is really about the Mexican boyfriend, though. Is the boyfriend an illegal tresspasser? That should be easy enough to find out.

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I wonder what was so important that someone resorted to trying to grievously harm a fellow officer.

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Man, how soon the inept forget about 9/11. Bin Laden was from an extremely wealthy family. But don't let the facts get in the way of a good old civil rights argument, eh, college professors?

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Meanwhile, MSA typesare violating other people's rights. You know, sending murder threats to cartoonists, and actually murdering cartoonists.

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Doesn't David Brock look like a picture straight out of a Nazi archive? Creepy.