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Those studying vocational courses should get the same funding as graduates.

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Reality is a 50p top rate of tax will have to come in at some point in time and probably gains treated as income. There's no way to square the circle and remain electable otherwise....

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This scheme is effectively a big business tax that you can dodge if you play ball a bit with the rules-it helps at the edges and helps keep business straightish at best.
It does nothing about the skilled trades and professions we suck in from abroad as we can't generate enough from our own population.
We must offer more help at the individual level. Why are graduates such a special funding case? Why aren't all the 16+ given access to soft loans and support to learn their trades whilst managing the self employment minefield.
If it's policing or nursing we twitch a bit but an electrician, chef or beautician has to go it alone or seek family help. These jobs are just as valuable to us as an economy and society as an apprentice levy post and to conservatives they are future voters to boot.
I don't get this degree or big business apprentice obsession, it's daft.

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Their core support is barely 6% and spread far and wide. Unless Labour lurch even further left or abandon the notion of EU membership it's over for them. What are they to be? High tax tories or low tax socialists?

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The one thing we should all note is the 69% levels of support for a top tax rate of 50%....we should at the right point (2021/2022) and for the right reasons (health/social care) seriously consider a pre-emptive re-introduction of a top rate of 50% at a sensible threshold (£120-150k) as it would kneecap the oppositions prime revenue raising economic policy and provide revenue for the high levels of spending we need to commit to on health, education and security. We may not like it but our voters do.

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Absurd idea.
By 2024 we will get boxed in on the 50p top rate re-introduction as the only sensible way to boost revenues without penalising the poorest.
It's the big vote loser we should close off by doing it sensibly (at the £150k level) to spike opposition arguments and use the cash on health, safety and education which will all guzzle cash.

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You can't win elections with the wrong candidate and Bailey is the wrong candidate.
Susan's policy buttons are the ones to push-wasting cash on "right on" nonsense and pandering to the race card on stop and search whilst kids slice chunks off each other and anyone else who gets in the way with swords (these weapons are not knives). Knife and violent crime is the issue in London though Labour will probably try and bribe their way to victory again with rail fare cut pledges and public health crisis scares.

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i don't think manufacturing is an easy answer. That is why I list all the difficult to arrange conditions needed to attract manufacturing (those and good market links for export). I think the answer is the same financial help for vocational training (post 16/18) as graduate training. Push learning trades and vocations and help them carry the study cost with loans and grants. We have a shortage in trades and professions which are mainly serviced based and we import migrants in construction, care, wider well being etc because we can't get enough of our own people in the right places.
Point about Scotland was to do with relatively small seat populations like some of the dying northern towns. Relatively old populations. Those who can leave when they are young.

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You can only encourage investment in manufacturing to a region by investing in infrastructure (transport), creating an environment attractive to investors (tax/subsidies) and most importantly creating an attractive workforce (boosting vocational skill and trade based learning for post 16's) . This last policy increases social mobility and is key as it creates tradespeople who are the new conservative workforce and we should go big on it. A big issue in these areas is the relative aging of their populations (lots of over 65's). You can't defy the tide of population change in a region but helping these people's children and grandchildren can only help us retain votes against a labour party run by and for the graduate and ex graduate vote. I wonder too what happens post boundary reform to many of these seats, which like Scotland have seen themselves lose out relatively in population terms to other areas of the UK

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Tories own the pensioner market at 62/18
More likely given their under 35 membership and electoral base that Labour morph in to the Green party with a heap of toxic policies for the working class pocket.
Risk Farage or others from Labour split to target the neglected group in competition with Tories.
Real Black Swan is potential for climate emergency which could change national debate and priorities of elderly/parents to concern for their children. UK must lead a sensible global effort that focuses on raising finance/leverage from governments/banks/charitable giving to fund renewables, sustainable feeding, waste control in poorer areas of the globe. Must be on an organised group basis (new global climate management entity) not done piecemeal.