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yeah claiborne's ideology (clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, ministering to the downtrodden, taking politics out of religion, denying yourself for god's kingdom, etc) is pretty dangerous. i mean, if he got enough of us "christians" to actually start behaving like christ then the world would be in danger of....being saved?!

don't you think we serve a generous god, who will provide for us on earth and in heaven? are we not called to be good samaritans?

i am sorry that you read this book predisposed to disagree with it. claiborne might not be perfect, but his book can awaken us to living a life of love and compassion. there is no danger in that.

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forgot the narcissistic simile...DISQUALIFIED

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Maybe not. But I know I know John 3:16 tells me of the Ultimate Bailout. "Christian" is probably too generic of a term to describe what Jesus did for me, but I certainly would not call it pagan.

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"Failure is Christian. Bailouts are pagan."

That may be the most ridiculous thing my little eyes have ever read.

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that was a big build up for a cliche, secularized biblical allusion...

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yeah crowder and i had a heated discussion about this earlier. it is a big stretch from him to compare himself to hezekiah, or any bible character for that matter. not to mention, it is arguable that the bible not only condones but demands "collectivism." whether or not government is the most suitable vehicle for redistribution remains to be seen. also, i doubt god wants us to act to the detriment of our planet.

using bible verses to advance a political agenda is dangerous. i cringe every time i see it, this being one of those times.

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Premise 1- People cause adverse environmental emissions in their daily lives.
Premise 2- Voting requires commuting and therefore causes adverse environmental emissions.
Premise 3- Justin cares about the environment.

Conclusion- Thus, Justin will not vote and will kill babies, because both would inevitably lead to the destruction of the environment.


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by excluding fox from a network pool, the news that is covered will not reach all of fox's audience. it is therefore limiting the amount of people who will hear the story, but more importantly, working to control the content of the most watched network in cable news. shouldnt fox have equal access in this "transparent" administration?

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Yeah, CBS and Fox have such a cozy relationship...

When the vast majority of sources point to the exclusion of Fox, and the White House press release is the only major criticism, I am going to side with CBS, Fox, Politico, Washington Examiner, Huffington Post, etc.