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So, he was good enough to serve for 19 years but if he is gay, he loses all his benefits?? That is a CROCK!! The military needs to change a few rules, but obviously when it's the government you're messing with, it is their way or no way and that is sad for our country!! This guy is a real hero in my eyes, whether he is gay or not!!

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Awesome job to the dad. I would do the same thing to my 18 year old. I feel I raised my kids right and taught them right from wrong. Parents can't control every aspect of their child's life, especially at age 18. This kid knows right from wrong and he should not have had what he had on his iPod. Great job dad!! If there were more parents like you, maybe this messed up world would turn around. Too many parents want to tell that they're child is perfect. when it isn't anywhere close to that!! Again, awesome job!!!

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And people wonder what the problem is in todays society!!! Really?? WHy would an attorney even take on this ridiculous claim?? This robber was in the wrong!! He played the game and he lost. Get over it!!

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That's the problem with the world today!! Why sentence her to 20 years if you're going to let her out after a year. Of course she is on good behavior in prison. Why wouldn't you be?? This world is crazy and these stupid judges who make these bogus decisions are mostly to blame!!!

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Really Kristin?? It's people like you and Shane who make the streets unsafe!! There needs to be tougher penalties for those who commit these bogus crimes and get nothing more than a slap on the hand!! This is a bad bad world we live in but when you have people like this guy on the streets, what do you expect?? Wake up girl!!!

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Here's a thought. Get over it!! I know so many on unemployment and they lie about the jobs they are looking for and they are working for cash plus making their weekly unemployment money!! I know not everyone is doing this, but I believe many more ARE than those who AREN"T. These people I am talking about are making $400 a week on unemployment and $200-$250 a week cash and banking $650 a week. Why is it the governments problem to bail you out? It is all about managing your money. I don't make a lot of money and I have a lot of bills and I haven't been recieving a governmental check for the last 2 years. I am so tired of hearing this unemployment stuff. Two years is plenty long enough to find work!! Seriously!! Go to indianacareers website...within a 25 mile radius of my house, there are over 500 jobs listed!! You have to want to work and you have to atleast attempt to look!!

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Exactly. My firends daughter got kicked out of the Navy for testing positive for THC. The government doesn't like that. But yet they still hand out food stamps and welfare checks to many of the most drug addicted people on this planet!! Drug test them before they can recieve benefits. Common sense Government!!! Wake up!!

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There are people on unemployment who do want to find work and actually go to work to make a living. But there are so many more who don't!! I know a guy who has been on unemployment for almost 2 years!! For 2 years, he has recieved a $354 check from the government and now he is pissed that they are cutting him off. REALLY???? Get a job. Like mentioned before, people ARE hiring!! McDonalds, fast food, department stores...anywhere is money coming in. This guy I know has not made house payments in 2 years, lost his car, had his NIPSCO gas meter ripped out of the ground, electric turned off and is scamming and selling everything from his house outright to get money and still has no money!! People need to get a life and a job!! Why is it the governments responsiblity to support you?? They have been for 2 years and you've done absolutely NOTHING to help yourself. Past decisions in your life mold you into the person you are today and as sad as it is to say it, there are so many who mess it up for the people really interested in accepting the benefits given to them and looking to get off them and seriously work!!

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Seriously?? Come on...when are they going to stop?? Put these low life criminals 2 chances...3rd time-you're out!!! Capital punishment would take care of so many of these problems!!