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Congratulations Lisa C! The spirit behind this award is a beautiful one, so it coming your way is not surprising. You share of yourelf very beautifully here.

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Very sweet...I'm sure baby was quite secure in that bath session. Happy WW! :)

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Hi Lisa! I've been so wrapped up in tennis lately that I haven't been getting around as much as usual. I hope that all is well with you and the family.

I've been saying this all week, I NEED A VACATION! I am beyond mentally tired and am ready to get "Calgonized." I will be getting away next month for a couple of weeks, but that seems like light years away.

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I remember that previous post. Good to see him and that he's being so blessed. What a beautiful smile.

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Ohhhhhh, poor sugar, sugar, sugar. I'm so glad to hear that he's okay. This is how we get gray hairs!

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We have had this conversation before. These blogs and this blogsphere is addictive, but we know what's real. Sometimes it's even as bad as having to not even pull it up for a few days, let alone attempt a post. So what! As you said, those that are loyal to your blog and the friendships will be there. And I guarantee you, for every one that walks away, two will replace them.

We've got lives that have to be lived, hubby's that have to be loved and children that have to be reared. Can't do that with our face planted into the computer.

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Hi Lisa,

This has got to be hubby's best work. A beautiful day, pretty mommy in mommy element, gorgeous scenery, it all just works beautifully for wonderful shots. 10 points for hubby!!

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Hey LisaC, thanks for being the very loving and considerate you. All of the love that you deserve on this Mother's Day right back at 'cha.

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Ohhh, I'm so sorry about your friends diagnosis LisaC. Although, we know that we serve a mighty God, and through Him, all things are possible. Pray for her, let your love be a rock for her and fill every hour that you are with her with the laughter that you normally share. That's been my formula for supporting friends with health issues, it helps me as I try to support them. Blessings.

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Well, you realized your error and you've reached out, there's not a whole lot more that you can do. I know that doesn't help because you'd like the person to know that you are genuine in your apology.

The good thing is, you've got ice cream, HA! And that cures all evil. Have a wonderful weekend! :D