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Mohamed was born 570 years AFTER the death of Jesus and your cult was created 662 years AFTER the death of Jesus, so how the hell could Jesus have been a prophet of islam?

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Oh yes it is. You just cannot face facts. Typical moslem!

Allah knows nothing, unless you want to talk about rape, pillage, paedophilia...

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Which proof would you like? For the hacking story try googling F.L.H Hacker. As for the restaurant story, it was a friend of mine that saw the whole thing unfold.

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Migrant workers tend to live half a dozen or more to a house, therefore it hardly costs them anything to run. They are mainly employed by agencies and tend to take holidays every few weeks (I know this for a FACT). They also send lots of money back to Poland which means it is not going back into our economy.

So now tell me HOW are migrant workers a benefit to our country!

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What's wrong with putting this on my blog? This speech was in Ashfield a week ago and is relevant to the election. People should see what Mr Brons is saying, so I'd say that it is fair to show it.

I suggest you go onto other blogs and repeat what you have said to me, because they are constantly trying to discredit Mr Griffin. Is that fair when an election is coming up?

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The constitutional changes followed the correct procedure and were fine-tuned after consultation with the advisory council. The end result closely follows Arthur Kemp’s proposals and has all the same principals but is more condensed.

If you want to have a say in the party then you will now have to work for it; something many of you will not like.

By downing tools and not standing candidates (as in Ashfield) following Mr Griffin's win last year people like you have done more harm than good for the party.

I hope that if Mr Griffin wins the coming election those that are dissatisfied will leave the party, thus enabling it to get back on track without all the negative distraction.

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I have had a few comments left from certain people but I have chosen not to publish them.

When the day comes that my comments get posted on their blogs then I will return the favour. Until then they can piss off!

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Cygnus, I try to remain impartial and I agree with your comments but I am sick of all the negativity out there on the blogs of those who like to disrupt and air our dirty linen in public. Since when has it been good practise to do that just before an upcoming election? So, I have decided to air my views for a change and back MR Griffin openly. This is MY blog, it doesn't reflect the parties views, it reflects mine, and as such I am entitled to air those views.

I will continue to support the British National Party IF I think the changes are in the best interests of the party. Having someone reinstate someone like Butler would not be, therefore I would withdraw my supporrt.

As for leadership challenges, talk about not liking outcomes. While ever certain people remain in the party there will be a challenge every few months. The last one was only just over when another one was being called for.

You don't have to read this blog, but since you do, you should respect my reasons for what I post.

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What a bunch of filth. Labour's 13 year rule has now come to fruition. I am sick to the back teeth of the indoctrination of our children and how they are dragged into the streets to oppose the very people that wish to preserve their nation and culture. Come their 30th or 40th year on this earth they will realise just what a crock of lies they were taught.

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Why? For reporting what's in the news? If you don't like it you don't have to visit this blog, do you. Job done!