the Fighting 69th

the Fighting 69th


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Not that I'm aware of. I was a member of the Brown Brigade and went to several rallies, volunteered on the phone banks etc. But I was the only one even mentioning the issue. I posted blogs trying to get other Brown Brigade members to get involved and help our fishermen but didn't get any replies. But it was good to see that Brown got involved in the United We Fish rally in DC a couple of weeks ago. He showed interest that he may want to help us. People call Snowe, Collins, Brown RINO's, I think they are some of the few pols that care about our fishermen. I'm a computer geek but my brother is a commercial fishermen. Over the past 15 years the Magnuson restrictions have gotten so harsh, he can't afford to pay a person to help him so he goes fishing in the Atlantic on his own, just barely scraping by week to week. If the catch shares do go into effect on May 1st, he will be out of business by the end of the summer. According to his calculations the catch shares mean he will have to try to survive on 30% of what he has been catching and just scraping by.

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My reply Part 2: Commercial Fishermen are passionate about their jobs, it's their lives. They aren't going to just say "oh well, I guess I'll be a plumber or carpenter now". Big Government that the liberals love is taking the only thing away from them that they love to do. And don't feed me this crap that they've been wiping out fisheries, it couldn't be further from the truth. Thats what the scientists want you to believe, just like the IPCC clowns and global warming. The NMFS scientists were caught dragging their nets sideways and claiming there is no fish out there, and they were pulling that crap for years. The science is bogus, there are so many fish in the waters off Mass you can practically walk on water. The truth is the regulations over the years have worked. But the enviros never want to give quota back even when they promise too. They only want more and more restrctions until we are stuck importing all of our fish.

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My reply part 1: As of May 1st with the new PEW designed scam named "catch shares" the government IS going to put the majority of commercial fishermen out of business. It won't be long before they turn their attention to recreation fishermen. PEW has had a long term plan they have been working on for decades to take over NOAA and advance a radical left wing enviro agenda. The plan has been to infiltrate the NOAA from the inside out. When Obama put PEW moonbat in charge of NOAA (Lubchenko) that was the icing on the cake of the plan. You can continue to read the lies the mainstream media is telling you about "catch share" but it's typical liberal doublespeak it means the exact opposite of what the name indicates. Lubchenko admits it's going to put a whole bunch of fishermen out of business. If we can't stop this before May 1st, there will probably be riots in places like Gloucester and New Bedford up here in Mass.

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No politicians should be speaking directly to students, not even the POTUS. He could just add 10 minutes to his national address on Wed. night and speak directly to students then. With the parents too, and that is the point. Where I live the Boston Public School system has the most students that could benefit from a "stay in school" speech. But they don't start school until the 10th so they won't even see this. It should only be targeted to school systems that have a dropout problem. But why the heck would we just blindly trust this guy? Look at his friends, mentors, and former colleagues: Davis, Alinsky, Ayers, Wright, Dorn, and Van Jones. Left wing radicals one and all.

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No, that was me. I browse the Daily Kos to see what the nuts are up to, the people who hate our country aka left wingers. Sorry for the confusion I've caused.

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Susan, that's a good one. lmao

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Keeping my eye on those who hate our country: Keith Olbermann posted this at Daily Kos today. "Send Me Everything You Can Find About Glenn Beck".

Left wing heads are exploding because Van Jones was thrown under the Obama bus today. You gotta love it!

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none of the 44 moderates are located within 1,000 miles of us I reckon. Stuck in the middle of the blue-est of blue moonbat states. sigh.

They say they are @ 15 votes short of Rham-ing this through the Senate with lots of fence sitters. For the sake of our children, I hope they fall short of 15.

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Amen to all of that, brother Mugwump.

"I also believe that God keeps his promises, unlike the state.."

Especially when the state is Taxachusetts and the Governor is Cadillac Deval!

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He was doing his usual personal attack act on Mark this time, and I reported his transgressions to the mods, mostly just to tweak him. That was the last straw for him, I guess they were waiting and more than happy to permanently ban the moron. I think he is WAY too angry to be on any forum.

Our President is completely out of control, and it looks like Congress and the some in the SCOTUS are happy to sit back and let him grab more and more power. Sooner or later somebody will wake up, hopefully before it's too late for the beautiful country that we grew up in.

I've been thinking for a while now, we will get to sit back over the next few years and watch a watergate style fall from grace for that one. It's starting to look like the train is starting to show some signs that it's going to go off the tracks.