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Glen Rice might disagree with you about Palin being a 'loose' woman

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Oh but that fool does have sponsors. They are called HBO subscribers. Let enough cancel their subscription because of him or for any reason and see how long that nutjob is employed.

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She's so ignorant it doesn't deserve any other comment.

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Everyone isn't, you're here.

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Hanging chads worked well for Gore also.
BTW the best gun control is to hold the gun with two hands.

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The main reason I get the red badge because every time I get a chance to knock Sarah Palin, I do just that. Number 1 she is a liar and anyone that believes anything that comes from her lying mouth is a fool. Number 2 she is the biggest con person on the planet, she makes televangelists look like amateur con men. Number 3 she is the biggest dimwit to ever be in a political arena. Many but not all other things on this site I agree. I consider the red badge, as you call it, an achievement since I have no use for Ms. Palin. I believe in telling it like it is and some people at this site can't take that. Another reason is I don't follow political lines. I operate that all politicians are out for themselves with no regard for the American citizen. I don't buy the assumption on this site that Democrats are bad and Republicans are good. To me all politicians are bad. I believe in term limits of 6 years for members of congress. There should be no such thing as a career politician no matter the political party. Aren't you sorry you brought it up? Have a good day longhorn_mama.

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Why is it that when gas first hit $4.00 a gallon the press was yelling IT' BUSH'S FAULT? Now that gas in over $4.00 a gallon in some areas Obama says there's nothing he can do about it and the press says oh ok. Do I detect a double standard?

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Is it true Cameron Diaz is called "door Knob" because everyone has had a turn?

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George Clooney is a lousy actor. He always plays George Clooney, no matter what part he is suppose to be playing. Instead of being called an actor he should be called a personality. According to some of my woman friends he is a good looking guy but that doesn't mean he can act . He can't. Clooney isn't alone in the can't act category, there are many so called actors and actresses that are personalities instead of actors. Meaning they got to where they are on their looks, not on talent.