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To Justin Wells - the objective of the govt might not be to take away your private insurance, but that is what will happen. Why would your employer pay $10,000+ per year on your health insurance when they can drop you, pay the measly 8% fine, and come out with more money in the end? If they do that - and why wouldnt they? - then you'll have no choice but to take the government's healthcare. Is it not possible that this will become a national phenomenon? As more and more people latch onto the free healthcare, costs will skyrocket above the trillion dollars that the government predicts for the 5% of the population that the CBO forecasts will use the public option. They will have no choice but to raise taxes to pay for it, despite Pres. Obama's promise that it will never happen. The plan will already by in place, and we Americans will take it on the chin because we dont care enough any more to step outside of our comfort zones to keep our government in check. This plan has the potential to destroy our nation. We can't afford to pay for the healthcare of 100,000,000+ Americans who are unhealthy and live lifestyles that make their health even worse.

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Yes yes, motherofthekids, obviously Mr. Gooden is a stand-up guy and a great contributor to society, and I'm sure he did nothing to provoke his minor wound.

As for the kids, I feel bad that they were caught up in this, but please don't expect me to believe that the police were beating your children with chairs. If you're trying to recruit sympathizers, you might want to stop promoting such ridiculous accusations.