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This isn't even the beginning of the weird, yet. This hiatus has barely begun. Just give it time...

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I was gonna vote for Greta, cuz more griffon characters and all are cool, but then I saw Pie. All the Pie Sisters get my vote. So when the final poll inevitably includes both Limestone and Marble...

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I personally loved Slice of Life, Hearthbreakers, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep. Cutie Re-Mark was also a good set.

But I really, really, REALLY loved Slice of Life and Hearthbreakers. Like, hardcore love those episodes! Fandom-loved ponies and Pie Sisters FTW!

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I like how all of the ads on the site now have Applejack on them.

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That card, as awesome as it is, became even more awesome in my eyes when I realized she was very reminiscent of Emperor Mateus (who himself resembles David Bowie's Goblin King) in terms of how she looked and what she was wearing.

If she shows up in these episodes, that would make Twilight Sparkle Firion. All of my yes for this.

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I'm hitting up a High Magic prerelease right around the time this is airing, so I already purchased and watched it. Pretty nice episode. Surprised they actually showed as much violence as they did, although considering the subject matter it's based off of, certainly nowhere near as violent as it could have been.

Actually, I think there's more VPS (violence per second) in this one episode than the rest of the entire FiM series (Equestria Girls movies included) combined. That's a feat in and of itself. I'm impressed.

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A good card to put in a Pink "stonewall" deck. The fact that it's EqG, Sonata, and has a reference to Fighting is Magic just makes it all the better!

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Looking forward to this prerelease, just like all the others. I've had fun at every single one so far, and this one is looking to be the same!

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Might have to get the Pinkie Pie one. Might also drop a note for a commission myself. I have a couple ideas...

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Ah, I see they've updated Discord's entry in the Guide. Cool.

Heh, "Fast Food" lol.