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OK Dorothea, now answer my question: what exactly are schools for?
(And a lot of money is being spent on them at the moment.)

For me, I think they are for several things at the moment: compliance. Obedience to the State. Passing a lot of exams to please the teachers, each of whom thinks their subject is very important. Getting a helluva lot of money (especially University Vice Chancellors etc and Academies people) for teachers. Its a job innit. Employing a lot of support staff. Showing the power and importance of the State.
Why go? Well, as one "student" told me when I asked him (he was skiving at the time), "You 'ave to, dontcher."

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Elaine with those names, you are like Snow White and the seven dwarfs!

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There is just one solution to the Brexit conundrum.
Just one.

Are you ready for the revelation?

Quivering with anti-


Well, here it is:
We have to stay in the EEA by joining Efta.
We have to leave the EU.

Not perfect, I admit.
But of the two alternatives: the WA and hard Brexit, both of which spell disaster, which do you prefer?

PS We need a politician who can spell this out clearly and forcibly and have the guts to take risks.
At the moment I do not see one. Do you?

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And any functioning adult who dumps his creator and sustainer and depends on the government, the Welfare and politicians needs his head examined.

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I have been called all sorts of rude names on the web! If that is the worst you can come up with, well, I am disappointed!
Dictators love appealing to "the People" whether through a referendum or the TV (Chavez) or billboards (Saddam Hussein).
At the moment, of course, as so often, our elected representatives have got it badly wrong. Part of Mrs May's problems is that she is not comfortable with people who are cleverer than she is and she is, in fact, an elected dictator, lonely, badly advised and stressed. And as appealing as the unloved Headmistress of a very large school.

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I am so sorry - my typing is getting seriously bad!
TOMMY Robinson.

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I think you are confusing the United States of America with the United States of Europe (aka the EU). Did you watch the programme on the EU this week? Marvellous.

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Hey! I am doing a blog not an encyclopaedia!
Actually I'm rather proud of my site and it is teaching me a lot about Islam.
Do you know any Muslims yourself?
They do really good Rendang.

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The scariest thing is being right even when everyone else says you are wrong. In the 1970s, I am sure we were both progressives and Right. the Establishment was, we knew, Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
Now today the Progressives (us) have won hands down. And we have produced a set of State Educated children who are not quite as good as we thought they were going to be.
Perhaps it is time for a radical solution? A reboot?

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All camels have humps.
Fenland roads have humps.
therefore all fenland roads are camels!
You have reversed the middle.