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The Serbs were persecuted, dehumanized, discriminated, humiliated, harassed under Islamic Apartheid Law, the legal code of Mohammed Crow, the DHIMMA, for centuries. It reached its apex during WWII, when the Muslim Bosnian and Albanian SS Handschar Brigades massacred and raped hundreds of thousands, if not close to a million, Serb Orthodox Christians. The leader of the "Palestine Arab National Movement", the Nazi Agent and Close Collaborator of Hitler and Eichmann, the co-architect of the Final Solution, one of the founding members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the perpetrator of numerous genocidal anti-Jewish pogroms throughout "Palestine" and the Arab Middle East, the uncle and mentor of Arafat and spiritual leader of the PLO, Mohammed Hajj Amin al-Husseini, established, recruited, and trained the SS Handschar Brigades, motivating them with calls to Jihad. Now, the Albanians have the audacity to claim Kosovo, the "Jerusalem of the Serbs", as their own, just as the Fake Philistine Arabs claim Jerusalem (it is not called some abominatory name like Al Quuuuuuuuuuuuuuds) as their own, despite the fact that it never held a special place in Islam, is never mentioned in the Qu'ran, and historically Muslims who have professed a special regard for Jerusalem have been called Judaizers and therefore Mushrikun (apostates). (The reasons why Caliph Umar built a mosque on the Temple Mount and subsequently claimed that it was the location of the "Night Flight", despite the fact that there was neither a temple nor a mosque on the mount in Mohammed's time and Jerusalem was not mentioned as the location of the "Furthest Mosque", was the following--to erase any evidence of pre-Islamic Jewish civilization in the Holy Land, and to make up for lost revenue while the Syrians were occupying the Hejaz, which prevented the Hajj from being conducted). But I digress. I am not justifying the massacre of Bosnians and Albanians by Serbs in the '90s. I condemn it, just as I condemn the false "Kosovar National Movement", which is predicated on expansionist Jihad (redundant, desu ne? Anyway, why must there be two Albanian Islamic States? In the same vein, why must there be two Frankensteinian states (PA and Jordan)? Oh, wait, PLO co-founder Zuheir Mohsain said in a 1970 interview with Trouw that once the Jews are annihilated and Israel is Arabo-Islamized, no one will hesitate to unite Frankenstein with Jordan. Hmm...) Actions of Serbs against Bosno-Albanians pales in comparison to what the Muslims have done to the indigenous Christian communities of the Balkans for half a millennium, and continue to do today through Saudi-funded, drug-funded, ODESSA-funded, Iran-funded "freedom fighters" (more like "fascism fighters") Kosovo Liberation Army.

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The Copts are frequently harassed, mugged, plundered, raped, and massacred with impunity throughout Upper Egypt by Pious Muslims™. Even in Lower Egypt, churches are destroyed by Pious Muslims Mobs™ out of the Qu'ranic and Sunnaic conviction that all traces of kuffar identity must be erased from Dar-al Islam. Sadly, the Copts have internalized their mistreatment and even outright defended it, out of ignorance of true liberty. Egyptian Muslims have the audacity to note that the indigenous Copts are "tolerated"; yes, if you call outright discrimination and debasement--dhimmitude--toleration!

Documentary on the Zebuleen Copts of Cairo, "The Rubbish People of Egypt": <a href="" target="_blank">

End the Illegal Arab-Islamic Occupation of Pharaonic/Hellenic/Coptic Egyptian Land!
The Arab Republic of Egypt is an Apartheid State!
End the continuing, 14-century long cultural and physical genocide of the Coptic people!
(I apologize, I'm getting somewhat carried away.)

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From an Islamic perspective--

When a kafir kills one Muslim, it's a genocide.
When Muslims kill millions of kuffar, it's business as usual.

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Never knew the modern-day Phoenicians were targeted too, but it makes absolutely perfect sense in the warped mindset of the bloodthirsty imperialists, the Followers of the Insane Camel and his Meteorite Deity.

In 1917, the Young Turks actually deported 8,000 Jews from Tel-Aviv and 300 from Jerusalem; they were forbidden from taking along with them any of their belongings. The property which was left behind in Tel-Aviv was subsequently pillaged by Bedouins, and two Yemeni Jews were killed, their corpses left in front of Tel Aviv as a warning to those opposing the deportation. How did Jamal Pasha, one-third of the Triumvirate, justify these actions? He basically said that they would face the same fate as the Armenians, Pontics, and Assyrians--that is, massacre, rape, torture, starvation, and abuse. Fortunately, the British, in nearby Egypt, made sure that the Jews would not suffer this fate.

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The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928. Al-Husseini was one of its founding members, and ISNA is one of its fronts in the US.
In 1931, al-Husseini was responsible for the establishment of the World Islamic Congress, today called the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
In 1936, al-Husseini was introduced to Hitler's Swiss banker, Francois Genoud; this will be important later, as Nazi money would be used to fund the Jihad against Israel (and the global Jihad in general). Look up ODESSA.
The same year, al-Husseini directed the first of nearly four years of genocidal pogroms directed mostly against Jews (though some Arabs, mostly Christian, some "moderate" Muslims, were targeted). He had previously, in 1921 (his first year as Mufti) and 1929 instigated anti-Jewish pogroms throughout Palestine, with the aid of Sheikh al-Qassam. The 1929 massacre of the Jewish population of Hebron eliminated a 3000-year old community. Now, that's ethnic cleansing!
In 1937, al-Husseini and Eichmann are introduced to one another in the German Consulate in Jerusalem, and Eichmann preaches extermination of Jews; al-Husseini becomes a Nazi agent and is given considerable fiscal aid, as well as armaments, to carry out his Jihad in Palestine.
In 1941, he is an accomplice in Khariallah Tulfah's pro-Nazi coup in Iraq, which is accompanied by the infamous Farhud pogrom.
In order to escape being arrested by the British authorities for his seditious activities, he fled to Rome and gained the support of Mussolini for his Jihad, afterwards making his way to meet the Fuhrer in Berlin.
Two months before the Wansee Conference, which laid out the "Final Solution", al-Husseini met with Hitler in a televised news/propaganda broadcast. He fully earned Hitler's support for his Jihad, and successfully urged the Fuhrer to kill all the Jews instead of letting some emigrate, and then to export the Final Solution to the Islamic World. In other words, it can be said that the Mufti, the mentor of Yasser Arafat and co-founder of the Palestinian movement, was a co-architect of the Final Solution. The Mufti planned to build an Auschwitz-like death camp in Nablus. In fact, he visited Auschwitz incognito and urged the workers at the gas chambers to work faster. An attempt to poison the water supply of Tel Aviv failed, however. Moreover, he broadcast radio speeches from Berlin throughout the Islamic world, calling for the re-establishment of the caliphate and the extermination of all the Jews. One of his ardent listeners was Ruhollah Khomeini. He personally established, recruited, and trained divisions of Bosnian Muslim, Albanian Muslim, and Circassian Muslim SS, most notably the Bosnian "Handschar" brigade, responsible for the deaths of more than one million Orthodox Serbs, Jews, and Roma. He was responsible for the cancellation of nearly half a million visas of Hungarian and Romanian Jews, who were sent directly to the death camps. He spent the rest of WWII in Germany and Yugoslavia, and the Nazis conferred upon him the title of Prime Minister of the Pan-Arab Government (In Exile), de facto Arab-Muslim "Fuhrer". Himmler and al-Husseini founded a Madrassah in Dresden at this time, and the Mufti was featured on German propaganda posters.
In 1944, he fled Europe to Cairo and thus escaped punishment for war crimes. Upon arriving, he was venerated as a great Mujahid. He was a co-founder of the Arab League in 1944, and temporarily even served as President. The same Arab League which declared unrelenting, annihilationist Jihad on the nascent State of Israel on May 14, 1948. Many former Nazis fled to Egypt and converted, becoming ardent Mujahidin, especially in terms of crafting blood-libel propaganda against Israel. For instance, Johannes von Leers.
He was a mentor of Yasser ArabFat, his sodomitical nephew, and the spiritual inspiration behind the PLO, at its heart a genocidal, imperialist organization.

“[I] have nothing against Islam because it educates the men in this division for me and promises them heaven if they fight and are killed in action. A very practical and attractive religion for soldiers.”--Heinrich Himmler

EDIT: Two more quotes--

"Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world. I asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish problem in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of its Jews. The answer I got was: The Jews are yours."
-- Haj Amin al-Husseini in his post-World War II memoirs.

"The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan... He was one of Eichmann's best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures."
-- Adolf Eichmann`s deputy Dieter Wisliceny in his Nuremberg Trials testimony.

This genocidal, imperialistic, totalitarian, fascist, pious Muslim remains a hero throughout Arab and Islamic circles to this day.

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Remember, the Seal of the Prophets, the "Exemplary Man", Mohammad ibn Abdullah ibn This ibn That (Piss Be Upon 'Im), committed serial genocide against the Jews and Christians of Arabia (most notably the Ben Koresh and Khaybar Jews). Their crime? They refused to submit to the fascist and expansionist ideology of Islam/Mujahidism, they refused to relinquish their right to live peacefully by their own means, they refused to be extorted and enslaved under the dehumanizing apartheid of the dhimma, they refused to "revert" and become slaves to a false deity that condones vice and condemns virtue. Mohammad's example, as the perpetrator of an Arabian proto-Holocaust, must have influenced Hitler. After all, we're all aware of the collaboration between Muhammad Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the spiritual and temporal leader of the Palestine Arabs, and Adolph Hitler himself.

"The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness….”--Adolph Hitler

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According to the courageous and outspoken Coptic Father Zakarias Boutros, there are Hadiths chronicling Mohammed (piss be upon him) receiving revelations from Allah while dressed in his child-wife Aisha's clothing! There used to be two articles detailing the sexual deviancies of the Insane Camel, but since Raymond Ibrahim "left", they're no longer to be found on the site, it seems.

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Rania's lack of hijab is merely a PR tactic to make it appear that Muslim women in "Jordan" (the REAL "Palestinian" Arab state) are "freer" than the facts, than the reality suggests. Her campaign of outright deception and dissimulation (taqiyya and kithman) has, unfortunately, succeeded in intellectually blinding hundreds of Americans through her videos on that remarkable propaganda medium, Youtube. To think, this world-renowned beauty is such a fervent slave of the moon-god and his fascist proto-Nazi prophet.

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So, I expect he divorced her by saying "I divorce thee" thrice?
No, of course not--double standards for the descendants of the Fellahin (descended mostly from the forcibly Islamized/Arabized majority of the Golden Age of Jihad) and the descendants of the Bedouin (the Arab-Islamic aristocracy, like the Hashemites of Jordan, the supposed "descendants" of the Profiteer and his nomadic mujahideen companions and relatives).

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Read my post above :).