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" Republican Jesus??? I'm a pre-Rergan republican. Don't ever slander me like this again.

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If religion slowly faded away there would have to be a reason for it's death. That reason, what ever it might be, would be the replacement for religion.

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Excellent comment.

"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich" Napolean Bonaparte.

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A god that causes or allows this type of horror to happen to innocent children is guilty of crimes against humanity. Those who worship this god are guilty of worse crimes.

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Of course we are excluded. We don't pose a significant threat to them. Yet.

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Can't remember if it was Simon and Garfunkel or just Paul Simon.

"After all the crap I learned in high school it's a wonder I can think at all".

Demint isn't a conservative. He is a theist intent upon forcing his version of
Christian morality on our republic.

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Followers of both religions believe they know the will of god. Therefore anyone who opposes them must be doing the work of satan or some evil force. Of course any evil and those who promote it must be eliminated. Christianity and Islam both lead to hate and violence. At the present muslims are more aggressive and violent, but never turn your back to a christian.

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Their god kills thousands of people and they still pray to it. I'll never understand christians.

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I won't speak for Dawkins or Hitchens, but I spend no energy enumerating the flaws of God. That would be admitting there is a less than perfect supernatural being. I will spend a considerable amount of time and energy attacking theism and the horrors it has brought to humanity.

God is a popular fictional character, but I never thought of it as such because the atrocities of religion are all too real.

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I would expect this kind of hate from Fred Phelps.