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Gelang patah. No all in malaysia must pay all relavent taxes. Same goes with all govt servants must serve the public. No two ways about it. Are you trying to run away from your duties just cause the other side is doing it?

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China's law has not allowed those being charged to prove their innocence. They are no better than dictatorial people who kills with no conscience.

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I'm just asking. If one suggests to burn another holy book to parents of a different religion. What will happen to them? Is this case thrown out the window and closed? And has this precedent been set by the court?

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I think Paul Low's comment has been taken out of context. I belive what he is trying to imply is that as malaysia's report is thicker than singapore, they have worked harder and did a better job than their singapore counterparts. Just some self praise (which is no praise actually) and a pat on their own shoulders. It is 'better' for his department definately as they have compiled a much more in depth report (in their perspective) than singapore. But not necessarily better in many other sense for the country as a whole.

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Ya.. blame the voters... it,s always the voters fault when u don't win

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Maybe this is about technicality. The law calls it STATUTORY rape as it involves victims under age of 16. But how many of reported cases involves an element of force/coercion? Or how many of the cases are between 2 under 16 people.. how many between an under 16 and an adult less than 5 years her senior? So here lies the problem. The MP of setiu have asked a very vague question to a sensitive topic...and the deputy minister replied with a vague answer too... please read again his comments.. he said 'MAYBE' they are less sensitive about it. That is an assumtion not a statement. And now we get all this finger pointing and racist calling happening. The only good thing that came out of this is that the public has an heightened awareness of this issue of statutory rape.. and hopefully efforts will be increased lower these cases

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if only the world is so simple

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Would like H2O to explain what he deems as a 'terrorist' else we might get the wrong idea.

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Oh boy... now everone staying near an airport will report seeing a plane the night mh370 dissapeared

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What about the statutory rape case in sabah? If i remember correctly the father of the poor girl withdrew his police report after the guy offere some cash n promised to marry her. If the case did not blow into a full story it might have ommited itself from the stats too right? Have i been fair in making this assumption just as you have mr deputy minister?