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They're the same thing. They have the same newsroom downtown...

KGRG = K-Cedar-Rapids-Gazette

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Wrap it up!

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Least expensive over 85,000 miles/ 3 years is a lot more complicated than cheapest price tag.

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Haha that happened to me. I was on Hwy 13 and a black, unmarked state patrol charger flew up on me and then drove even with me in the left lane. So I start to speed up to about 80 because I think this guy wants to race.Once I barely pas.s him he flashes his lights for a few seconds, shakes his finger at me (like my grandma used to) and then flies past me. I felt like I was in Super Troopers or something...

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I think a 328ix would make an excellent squadie.

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Aww, cmon now...

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I say we throw them in a metal box in the middle of a field where no one can hear them yelling and let them starve and fry to death over 5 or 6 days. Then when they're on their very last breath, let this man and woman curb stomp them. These are evil men who deserve an evil death.

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Why is it so hard for so many people to abide by the law?

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Do you really want them in neighborhoods with large machines and lawn tools? After all, it would be pretty tough to work with handcuffs on...

I do know there are a lot of people still without a job around here. Maybe the city could organize a program for them to work.

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You try driving behind someone at 35mph, 3 car lengths back, and NOT slam on your brakes when they slam on theirs.